BLH Cheer Team

ear Lake High Cheer Team leads the student body in the open assembly Cheers

School has started and Bear Lake High School kicked it off to a great start! On Wednesday, August 21, they had an opening assembly. It began with student body president Emily Goostrey welcoming the school to a new year and leading the student body and teachers in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next, the student council class officers each lead their class in class cheers. The room was filled with energy and excitement as all the students cheered their loudest. Students and teachers are saying it is the best cheer competition that has ever happened at the school. The junior class won this competition.

Next came the school song competition. Each of the class advisors had taught their classes the song and some actions to go along with it.

The students once again sang as loud, jumped as high, and clapped as hard as they could. It was truly amazing to witness so many students showing exemplary school spirit. The seniors won this competition, and because the juniors did not come in second, the seniors were declared the winners of the spirit contests.

Principal Luke Kelsey was next. He talked to theschool about the school-wide theme for the year, “Bear Lake Strong”. He talked about having a healthy heart; to have a healthy heart, you have to use it.

He then requested that the student body participate in an activity. He had all the students put their hands up and clap twice to signify a heartbeat. Afterwards, he asked them to do it again and emphasized making sure the student body was united and that they all clapped at the same time. This resulted in a louder clap.

Principal Kelsey then talked about how when they were united, they were strong, just like the heartbeat that they had clapped. Next he added in the words- “One Team, One School” and encouraged the students to support each other in everything: academics, sports, music, theatre, and all other activities, “This is what will make our school strong.” Mr. Kelsey said.

After Principal Kelsey’s talk, the Lakettes performed and then the cheerleaders danced and cheered. The assembly ended with loud choruses of “Pump It Up!” and “You Wish You Were a Bear”.

Then it was time for students to go to their classes, and amidst the chaos of changing schedules, finding classrooms and meeting teachers, Principal Kelsey’s message lingered in the back of the minds of the students, hopefully, to impact and change the rest of the school year.