Senior Project night

Bear Lake High Seniors tell friend, family and staff about their projects.

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Bear Lake High School Seniors were required to complete a Senior Project to graduated this year even though the State did not require this. The Seniors had their opportunity to tell friends, family and school staff about their projects on April 22. There was many people that attended the event and it was apparent the students were proud of what they had accomplished. We have great kids in our valley and it was good to see them get to show us their hard work.

This is the list of the students and their projects.

n Andrea Barcelon — Helped broadcast basketball games for SVI and community to watch.

n Brendon Burbank — I coached a flag football team and helped kids learn new things.

n Vanessa Clements — Suicide awareness, depression, happy positive quotes

n Marick Colvin — Record for the coaches to they could go edit film and show their players what to fix or what they did good.

n Kristal DeMarcus — I brought over all old cheer gym supplies and organized them to be used at the high school.

n Keaton Farmer — Spent a couple days changing Mr. Lowe’s white walls into a colorful welcoming environment

n Savannah Flake — Coached basic volleyball skills to kids in practices and performed those skills in games

n Jaxon Garbett — Coached little 5th and 6th grade kids. Taught basics of basketball.

n Spencer Goostrey — Built cabinets for Mr. Kean to store 3D printing objects and to keep them safe.

n Halsey Grose — Did the yearly suicide walk to raise awareness and provide resources for suicide prevention.

n Matthew Hammond — I helped a kid from the elementary school who was struggling with school and I helped him get better grades.

n Michael Hemmert — Broadcasting games for SVI and community.

n Tylinn Hennick — I went through our senior class files and got rid of unused information after we graduate.

n Summit Higley — I sanded down the old paint from the elk at the Oregon Trail Center and smoothed holes in the surface.

n Gabriel Hillier — Had an open mic night with entertainment from comedians to music to bring more acts to the community.

n Hailey Humphreys — I coached a 3rd and 4th grade volleyball team to help the future generation of Bear Lake volleyball.

n Miah Jacobson — I painted benches and the railings in the football field area. I did a garbage cleanup, and I power washed the seating area.

n Miya Jenkins — After Preston’s death, Missy Schei needed help due to health problems. We cleaned her basement, changed light bulbs, and worked with her dogs.

n Harley Johnson — Painted quotes and pictures on the wall by the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms.

n Gena Lloyd — I gave gift bags to all the local officers.

n Wyatt Lloyd — I coached a flag football team and helped kids.

n Taylor Martinez — I volunteered for a carnival for the kids. I collected prescription glasses for families in need in Africa.

n Nathan Matthews — Broadcasting games for SVI and for the community.

n Keyaira Nelson — I fed elders and delivered things that were low stocked during COVID-19 shutdown.

n Chance Ochsenbein — I build shelves for the computers and mounted a smart board.

n Emma Park — Helped plan and carry out fund raisers to raise money for the MRI machine and emergency department renovation.

n Cara Payne — Had a craft night for kids that was Disney-themed.

n Shanyce Peterson — Repainted Mr. Vicker’s room to be bright and seem bigger and painted a mural on the back wall.

n Shailey Preece — Cleaned and painted spare locker room for softball team to utilize.

n Shayla Preston — Organized and collected diapers and wipes that went to SEICAA. Women and families can get them when needed.

n Debra Pugmire — Painted the wall in between the girl’s and boy’s bathroom at school, downstairs for suicide, bullying, and depression awareness.

n MaCoy Ream — Taught middle schoolers proper steps and procedures of calf roping.

n Hailey Roberts — I raked and removed the grass from the Liberty Park. This hasn’t been done in years and I’m glad I did it.

n McKenna Saunders — Painted around Mr. Saunder’s door.

n Briston Schreiber — Refereed little league basketball all season.

n Eliza Sharp — Coached 5th and 6th grade girls volleyball to help their skills and knowledge.

n Hallie Skinner — Organized and executed a suicide prevention walked for the community with speakers and resources for suicide prevention.

n Shylee Woolstenhulme — We cleaned and painted the visitor’s locker room and turned it into softball locker room for changing and gear.

n Andrew Sorenson — Picked up trash by ice caves and picked up trash by bird refuge.

n Savanna Steele — Repainted Mr. Vicker’s room and added art.

n Teya Strong — Organized and executed a suicide prevention walk for the community with speakers and resources for suicide prevention.

n Owen Teuscher — Coached a 5th and 6th grade basketball team and taught them the basic skills of the game.

Dayton Von Seggern — I did a coat drive where I collected coats and gave them away for free.

Sammuel Wallentine — I built a metal cage so the expensive equipment and tools in Auto can be locked up. I also built shelves and bought storage bins to hold demonstration examples to teach.

Adrie Wells — Decorating and building a backdrop for pictures and creating a sign to thank sponsors for livestock shows at the fair.

Courtney Wells — Painted and fixed the bear and tree that are in front of the new city hall. Also got a new sign with the history of the building.

Hayley Wells — With Shailey and Shylee, we painted and cleaned the softball locker room.

Cody Wilkin — I painted Mr. Lowe’s room three colors and provided a canvas for other students.

Harli Williamson — I painted one wall in Mr. Bingham’s classroom.

Paige Wilson — had a craft night for kids that was Disney-themed.

Dominik Zabriskie — After Preston’s death, Missy Shei needed help due to health problems. We cleaned her basement, changed light bulbs, and worked with her dogs.

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