Pictured from left to right: Sam Gertler, Chase Esquibell, Victoria Reese, Cynthia Skinner, Emma Wilson, Hayden Bond

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Bear Lake High School had their annual service-a-thon on Tuesday, October 5. Students and teachers went around the community and helped many people with house and yard work. Students washed windows, mowed lawns, and cleaned houses for people living in the valley.

Community members were asked what their thoughts were on the service-a-thon. Marine Austin said, “I think it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.” Mary Jean Barnson said, “I don’t think these young people realize when you get to be my age and you can’t navigate anymore how much they mean to us.” Colleen King said, “ The youth we have in our school and in our community, they are awesome kids, they are wonderful.” They were all happy to have the student’s help.

Students in the community were happy to help and more than willing to volunteer to do anything that needed to be done. Students were asked what they thought about the service-a-thon. Emma Wilson said, “It was really fun and it was hard work too.”

Josh Walker said, “It was a lot of fun getting to know my class and community better.” All in all this year’s service-a-thon was a hit. We are excited to see what happens next year.

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