BLMH board welcomes CEO

Michael Blauer, left, is welcomed by Board Chairman Cordell Passey.

The Bear Lake Memorial Hospital board held its regular August meeting on August 27.

All members except Mark Harris and Chad Hansen were present.

The meeting was called to order and the board was welcomed by Chair Cordell Passey.

The new CEO, Michael Blauer, was then introduced to the board. He will start his new position this week. He has introduced himself in rounds so far and has interviewed with some of the board. He commented, “I am thrilled with the opportunity to come here. I am thrilled to be on the board. I’ve had great interaction with the staff, and there is a lot of interest in continuing to move forward in a very positive way.”

Craig Culver commended Leslie Crane for doing a great job as interm CEO while they were in the process of looking for a new CEO.

Board education was a video on quality and safety.

The Board reported on their monthly department rounding. Emphasis was placed on Jory Hunter and his progression toward the position he now holds at the Skilled Nursing Facility and how hard he worked to become certified. Also, the audit the Nursing Facility had in June went well. It was also mentioned that it would be nice to have a generator in Dr. Crane’s building because they do a lot of vaccines. When the power goes out, they run the risk of losing around vaccines. Lastly, communication was discussed and the overall effectiveness of ideas and how many problems could be solved if each department would communicate.

No People’s Choice was chosen for August. There were six new employees posted.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved with one concern regarding falls and late meds in the Nursing Facility, which were discussed and explained.

Leslie Crane gave the financial report. July was a good fiscal month, and they received the adjustments from Medicare.

Tracy Parks reported on the activities in August. “Beat the Doc,” where Dr. Hansen challenged everyone in the valley to race him, had 25 participants. Thirteen of those beat him. Tracy said the activity had great exposure. He also reported that the “Food Booth” at the fair was a success. There was a lot of support from both employees and volunteers. Barbara Dayton of Provo won the drawing for the “Ultimate Bear Laker,” which had 360 entries. Thirteen teams registered for the “Golf for Health Tournament.” They had great prizes, great sponsors, and made a lot of money. The “Fair Booth” didn’t do as well as usual, probably because of all the food vendors that were at the fair this year; but people really appreciated the different choices they had for food.

Leslie Crane reported on accomplishments in regard to evaluations. All department heads have to evaluate their employees, but due to difficulties the evaluation deadline was extended to June 15.

Laurie Harrison reported from the Safety and Quality Committee. This year, the Nursing Home received 10 tags from the surveyors. Two of them were removed at the time of the survey, and they are currently working on the other eight.

Craig Culver reported that there was $32,899.88 in bad debt in the month of August. He then presented to the board that they would like to purchase a new DXA bone density machine to be housed in the same area as the mammography equipment. They have been using the CT device, which doesn’t meet the standard. The motion was made to approve this request, and it was passed. The request was also made for a new Lab Analyzer so that certain lab tests can be done in-house rather than being outsourced. The motion was made to approve this request, and it was passed.

Home Health stats looked good. The numbers are up from last year.

The Senior and Auxiliary Newsletters were done nicely as always.

Craig Culver also reported on attending the Fair Stock Sale. The hospital bought four animals and gave a $25 boost to each participant.

Vaughn Rasmussen reported that the deal with Elk Country Sports was finalized and a check was hand-delivered to the hospital.

Chairman Cordell Passey went over the statistics of the Board Retreat to be held at Little America October 25 and 26, and the IHA Annual Convention to be held in Sun Valley.

The board was polled for comments or concerns. Trish Sparks was given a big “thank you” from Craig Culver. He then thanked Leslie Crane for doing such a good job in the difficult situation she stepped into. He also said that he is glad Michael (the new CEO) is here. Vaughn Rasmussen gave a heartfelt thanks to the medical staff. He was in the emergency room recently and wanted to thank the nursing and medical staff for all they did for him. He said he was treated well. He also thanked the board for all of the activities sponsored in the valley. Vaughn also mentioned that there is a generator at the Senior Center that is available to the hospital for help or support at any time. He then talked about a letter that has been sent to the senator regarding meals to seniors and mentioned that the new courthouse will also have a generator. Maxine Matthews mentioned that she spent some time with her daughter in Murray, Utah, after a surgery recently. After that experience, she really appreciates the services and care offered here at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. Lila Rigby said that she had been in the hospital all day and was very impressed at how the staff gives their heart and soul to everything they do and she really appreciates it.

The meeting was adjourned.