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Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Board meeting held its regular meeting July 27. All board members were present. Vaughn Rassmussen, County Commissioner, was unable to attend. The Board completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Board participated in training on Digital Transformation. The training focused on the responsibilities and the need to develop methods and protocols. Due to the Covid pandemic, two years of digital transformation took place in two months. Several areas of focus and tasks are needed to ensure the conversion is handled well and meets the facility’s needs.

The Board reported on their rounding. Lila Rigby helped with the Salmon BBQ and was in awe of how much work the event requires and how well everyone worked together.

Emily Transtrum had rounded on the SNF with Jory Hunter. Hunter discussed the challenges of Covid and the current lockdown that is currently in place. The lockdowns make it harder for families, but it was nice to have some normalcy for a short time. He is looking forward to when it is behind us. Music therapy is being used in the facility with good results.

Mark Harris rounded with Patsy Boheme, and they discussed some of the problems the recently passed Idaho Patient Cares Act is creating. Harris also recognized Leslie Crane for the job she does and how she handles the Department.

Gary Griffin met with Brett Parker and Tonya; the challenge in having adequate staffing was the focus of their discussion. CEO Mike Blauer commented on the weird things in the economy that creates these challenges.

Cordell Passey was able to visit the newly remodeled ER. It is an excellent facility.

The Board then recognized the following employees and their years of service: James Vineyard, five years, Chantaya Cada, Julie Nelson, Maryellen Wells, ten years, Jared Farmer, September Hopkins, 20 years, Tracy Hayes, 35 years, and Kelly Olsen, 40 years.

The Board moved to approve the minutes from the June meeting and commented on how much the training on the MRI was and the cautions necessary to stay safe in the MRI room.

The Board was given the financial report for June. June was a profitable month, but the year is still in the negative. There are still considerable costs being incurred to the remodeling.

Ceo Blauer reviewed the Strategic plan and talked about the financial matrix but finds no concerns at this time. He commented on how much all the volunteers in the hospital help and how much they are appreciated. Blauer also reported visiting with the EMTs and felt it was positive, but they may have enjoyed the MRI training more.

The new Doctors fit in well with the hospital staff. The Hospital is still working on ways to improve the medical records department.

Emily Transtrum gave the quality report. The SNF has taken the opportunity to participate in a study on and air quality. There is one monitor inside and two outside. The facility has good air, and even when the quality outside was poor, the inside air remained good. The report is a positive note for the facility.

The Board received the Foundation report. The Ultimate Bear Laker is doing better than last year. The hospital golf tournament will be on August 28. The Bar BBQ served 775 lbs. of meat and served 544 meals. The event was a success. There were 48 runners in the 5K race. The Foundation will also be doing the food booth at the fair again.

The Board approved $35,530.61 in bad debt.

The Board approved the dress code policy. They felt it allowed for individuality while keeping professionalism for the staff.

Chairman Passey then went around the Board for any comments or concerns.

Mike Blauer reported the accrediting agency the Hospital works with had made their inspection in June to ensure the Hospital was meeting the necessary standards. There were some concerns about signage with the construction project. There were nine findings, most of them with the construction; the rest were expired paperwork. The agency will return to ensure signage in the construction area is adequate. Overall, Blauer felt it was a good experience, and the Hospital is doing well,

Craig Culver commented that it was good to be able to see people’s faces again. He is hoping that can continue.

Maxine Matthews has been volunteering in admitting, and she is so impressed by how patient and kind the staff is to patients.

Lila Rigby commented on how impressed she is with the Hospital.

Cheryl Beck liked the new look of the ER.

The Board had no further comments and adjourned the meeting.

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