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Bear Lake County Hospital Board held its regular meeting on August 24. All members of the Board were present. The Board training was focused on Population Health and Valued Based Purchasing.

Old business was Board Rounding. Lila Rigby reported on rounding with Carson Price in Maintenance. Carson expressed how much he likes working with the rest of the staff at the hospital. He loves his job. Lila feels the hospital is lucky to have him.

Maxine Matthews rounded with Ramey in Physical Therapy. Ramsey expressed loving his job. He would like to see better communication in how Therapy can help patients and see Physical Therapy have some rooms that have more Therapy.

Cordell Passey rounded with Mike Blauer, CEO of the hospital. They had a good visit.

Collette Loertscher was the August people’s choice employee. The Board reviewed the Years of Service list.

The Board reviewed the minutes of the monthly meetings. They gave kudos to Mike Blauer for updating the employees with any changes or progress in the facilities. Blauer was asked how employee searches were coming, and he commented that as well as can be expected considering how weird the market is right now. A board member commented on some concerns with issues dealing with Spanish translation for patients. The hospital has a service they can use for translation and need to remember to use it. The Board and Commissioner Rassmussen discussed current Covid numbers and how it affects the hospital and the community. The Board approved the minutes.

The Board received the financial report from Leslie Crane. July was a good month, but they are still behind for the year. They are expecting the foundation donation, and this will help. There have still been some significant expenses due to the construction. The Board approved the financial reports.

Mike Blauer reported on the Strategic Plan and that it is good to review Cyber Security for the facility.

Emily Transtrum gave the Quality report. The report focused on the recent survey. The facility received nine tags, most of them dealing with construction. The surveyors came back last week, and they were here for an hour. The Surveyors found the necessary corrections had been made.

Mike Blauer discussed the plans for the empty imaging area. Blauer said the upgrades could be done when the current remodel is complete. The upgrade will help with the space and privacy issues in the Therapy area and the visiting specialists. The Board approved the plan.

The Scholarship Committee has recommended two scholarships for current employees who want to further their education. The Scholarships were approved for up to $10,000 each.

The Board approved the Credentialing for Dirk Bigler DO, and Adam Matthews DPM, Maxine Matthews abstained.

Mike Blauer gave a management update. He was please with the quick survey update.

Dr. Meissner had no comments from the Med Staff.

Chairman Passey polled the Board for any comments or concerns.

Craig Culvers stated he is receiving positive comments on the care the hospital provides.

Vaughn Rassmussen informed the Board the Senior Center would reopen tomorrow after a Covid exposure. Rassmussen also commented he had been approached by a community member who is pleased with the hospital but asked if the employees would leave the parking in front of the hospital for people using Physical Therapy as mobility is often an issue for those people. Rassmussen also said the Extension office would be doing a public meeting law training in November.

Lila commented that Carson had commented Mike Blauer needs to stay for 30 years. She agreed.

Maxine told the Board a former resident and asked about the hospital as he was thinking about retiring here. Matthews told him some of the services the hospital offered. The following week he ended up at the hospital after injuring his thumb.

Cheryl Beck commented she was pleased to find out about the discount offered if a bill is paid in full.

The Board then moved to go into executive session. The Board adjourned the meeting after ending the executive session.

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