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Hospital Board trains on quality and safety

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The Bear Lake Memorial Hospital board held its regular September meeting on September 24.

All members except Chad Hansen, Mark Harris, and Laurie Harrison were present.

The meeting was called to order and the board was welcomed by Chair Cordell Passey.

Board education was a video on quality and safety, focusing specifically on board feduciary duties which are mainly care, obedience and quality.

The board reported on their monthly rounding. Craig Culver brought up the fact that Carson Price, who does so many things around the hospital and “wears many hats,” needs a specific job title. He expressed the fact that if Carson were gone, they would have a hard time replacing him not knowing specifically what his job title is because he does so many things and has taken on so many jobs over the years. Trecia Sparks mentioned that he really needs to be doing a “succession plan” because they are quite specific. Craig said that they all appreciate what Carson does for the hospital.

Maxine Matthews brought up that she visited with the IT department. Nate and Shane of the department are working very hard at keeping the computer system in the hospital running. However, they envision that there will be a problem in the future where they will need to hire a clinical IT person, which is the norm with hospitals.

The people’s choice award nominee for September 2019 was Greg White. Other hospital employees recognized for their years of service were: Kammee Wilcox (5 years), Trecia Sparks (15 years), and Dawn Wright (15 years).

The minutes from August were approved with no amendments.

Leslie Crane gave the financial report. August was a good month, and they received the adjustment from Medicare.

Tracy Parks reported on Foundation activities. He mentioned that they had a good golf tournament with good support from sponsors, and that they raised a little over $6,000. He also mentioned that the board approved a Janet Skinner Scholarship. Foundation board members who have come to the end of their term will be replaced. Those members are Chad Hansen, President; Susie Crane; and Laura and Steve Beck. A retreat for the board is planned in Jackson on Oct. 18-19.

Maxine Matthews gave the August quality report. She also mentioned that recently eight Bachelor students from ISU visited the hospital. They like to return to school with a project, so they were sent with one regarding the fact that HCAP scores are generally low; Bear Lake Memorial Hospital’s is 66 percent. They were given the charge to do a project and some research on what works and what doesn’t work and what could make it better. They will return in two to three weeks and report.

Craig Culver reported that there was $39,828.77 in bad debt in the month of September. The board approved the bad debt.

The next compliance report will be given in October, and no scholarships were issued this month.

A motion regarding credentials was passed based on medical staff to authorize Jonah Green, MD, for a two-year review; Stuart Knapp, MD, and Mel Bingham, PA to submit applications; and Charles Gould, MD to direct Radiology.

Dr. Jepsen reported that there are no problems with the medical staff. He said that Dr. Meisner is becoming more and more in demand in the emergency room, but they are trying to fill the extra need with other doctors at this time.

The board was polled for comments or concerns. Craig Culver mentioned that the high school has been doing its fourth “Service-a-thon.” The high school kids have painted the entire school and it looks cleaner than it ever has. There are trees outside and a new retaining wall in the back of the school. He said it has spilled over into the community as well. They also have a new project in mind to be done in the next two weeks which is also a fundraiser.

Maxine Matthews told the board how much she has enjoyed working in the hospital gift shop. She said, “Everyone is so happy to be there. It’s just a great hospital!”

Mike Blauer, CEO, said that he is “getting his legs under him and having a good time.” He said he is open to meeting with each board member one-on-one. Also, he mentioned that the nursing home recently had a life safety survey. The survey was “clean” with no finding. He said he has been involved in a lot of these surveys and has never seen this before. He commended them for this.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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