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In our February meeting we learned that Bear Lake Memorial Hospital will be donating an AED device to be put in the Middle School gym. We were approached by Principal Lindsay in a past meeting about the need for this life-saving device and were then able to reach out to our local hospital for help in this request. We were also able to work with a local business in having banners printed, showing our organization’s annual contributions to our schools. Those will begin appearing in our school gyms this month. Another notable, continuing conversation for the BLEF is the hopes in aiding the start-up of a Home Economics Class in our Middle School. So far, we have received various grant funding from outside organizations and major support from our local community in this endeavor. We are excited about this possibility and the opportunity to be a part of this ongoing project.

With the help of so many from our community and beyond, we are able to grant money and supplies to our teachers and administrators to put towards our students’ experience here in our schools. For those contributing to our foundation, for the sake of our schools and students, we along with all those affected by these contributions are very thankful. In our February meeting we had no new grant requests but received thanks from Mr. Culver at the High School for the grants he received last month. That thank you goes out to all those contributing to our small organization. If you’d like to find out more about the Bear Lake Education Foundation, please visit our website

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