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The day has finally arrived! No not just the opening of the deer hunt, this is much bigger for us, than that. We have waited for several very long months for the word, and it finally came this last Tuesday.

Bear River Rifleman has applied for and has been waiting for a grant through the Idaho Fish & Game, and we have received that at this time.

What that means for all of us is some very extensive work at the range. The timing could have been better than the start of our major hunting seasons, but we will try to work around that the best we can.

Those of you that have been sighting your weapons in, or just enjoying the sport, have noticed a big change to the building that has been there for the last 42 years. Over those years, there has been much vandalism and other damages done. And we have struggled with keeping it in a usable condition and couldn’t really wrap around the thought that our sportsmen and women would do things like that, but they have. So now, we are trimming the building back to a more useful building, we hope and are going to be doing some major earth and concrete work.

Starting Monday the 12th, we will be breaking ground for footings that will be for a new 10 foot by an 80-foot concrete pad, that will help keep the shooters and benches up on a dry surface, and we will be adding 8 concrete benches onto that pad for the shooters to steady on. The design for these benches came from a copy of GunWorks, and the ultimate shooter’s bench, for both left and right-hand shooters. It will be covered and still facing to the north.

In the mix with all of this, we hope to start moving dirt from the north face, behind the 100-yard target, and bringing that material to the south end, on the pistol side, to make three separate shooting bays so that more events can be going on at the same time. There are also plans in the works for adding a clay pigeon thrower and bringing that event to the range.

The downside to all of this at this time is that we may have to close the range during the concrete pours and dirt-moving process, and hope that all will help us with getting this project back and going again soon.

Some of the areas will be closed off to traffic coming down and parking the way we have been for so many years. For a time being, we are asking everyone to please park in the upper parking lot until the truck traffic and heavy equipment and concrete curing phase is over.

Hope is that after working hours, 4:30 or 5:00 P.M., shooters can come back onto the range, but you will not be able to park down on the range while things are still under construction. We may have the cable up or a gate across the approach until then and ask for your help in keeping things taken care of at this time.

The plan is to try and get 200 yards at this point and phase of our project. We may have to settle for what we get and work with that.

We do have two more phases that we will be working on in the next two years and hope to complete each phase in that time frame.

Phase 2 will be for the long-range rifle shooters. The distance we are looking at right now is 550 yards. Depending on where we can put a starting point at, that range could be out as far as 800 plus yards. Again, that is all in a planning stage now.

Phase 3, is to put in an archery range, that will be ADA accessible for most of the targets that we will be putting in. That may take more time but will be worth it if all works out. Again, this is things that we as the BRR are trying to address and bring to the sportsmen and women in our area. Any and all help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Please, if you have any questions or suggestions, go to our website, , and go to contact us, and let us know what you want or what you think. We are a group of sportsmen and women, trying to bring to our area the things that will help foster a new generation of kids to be safe and have fun and challenging events. Some kids are athletes in school sports, some are not. We want to make sure everyone can participate in events that they can excel in and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy a sport, you are not doing it right, even spectators can enjoy this. The only person you have to compete with is yourself, come, and better yourself.

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