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PPC, shoot, held on 24 September, was attended very well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Temperatures were just right, a very slight breeze and the shooters were dead on with this match event. Again, we had some new shooters and some really old shooters that showed up, some for fun, others to shoot. Scores, open sights, Mens PPC, 600 points possible.

1st Place, and top shooter for the evening, and our first member into the 500 club,

501 Tyler Smith

488 Steve Towel

463 Steve Towel

416 Tyler Smith

385 TR Smith

383 Brendon Bartschi

335 Warren McMurray, first time shooter

109 Reed Hansen

1st Place, Optic sights

472 Craig Bunn

1st Place open sites, Women, 300 possible,

249 Charity Smith

1st place Youth

196 Kenzie Smith

Planning on a BPRC .22LR, silhouette shoot either the first or second week of October. We will try to get the range set up for this 200 meter event and it will be a fun one for sure. Be sure to check the News-Examiner and the Wave radio station for the date and time. Thanks to all that help support the Bear River Rifleman club.

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