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As of this posting, we do not have an official rule on the awarding of the Idaho Fish & Game grant that we have applied for. And we thought it would be nice to let the public know of the changes that will be taking place and our plans for the future.

Most of the BRR members have been kept informed of things, updates on changes, and vandalism, and plans. We would like for the public to be informed also.

The range area SOUTH of the area where traffic enters down into the range. This will be for pistol, and pistol caliber weapons, along with shotgun use only.

The five steel reactive targets are not for high power rifles, or the .223 or 5.56 calibers. At this close range, 50 yards maximum, rifle, and the .223 and the 5.56 do damage to those steel targets, and shorten the life expectancy of the AR-500 steel, and are not thick enough for the rifle at that range.

The NORTH side area has a range now of about 130 yards. This side is primarily used for rifle, pistol, and has a berm at 25 yards and 50 yards and a target set at 110 yards.

We plan on placing a backing at the 25 and 50-yard berms and ask that shotguns not be used on them. Presently there are members that are paying for these targets, frames, backings, and other things out of their own pockets, for everyone to use and enjoy.

We hope to soon have a donation box so that as you use the range, donations will be used to help maintain the range. Any help with that would greatly be appreciated by all.

Our main goal has always been to improve and lengthen the range. And in time that will be done. Plans are to keep moving material from the north end and that will get us out to 700 yards plus.

With the grant, we will have an 80 foot by 10-foot pad, running east to west, high enough to keep the shooters out of the mud, with 8 concrete shooting benches, for a rock-solid shooting platform.

We will also be purchasing a partial or full set of Steel Challenge Targets, several Gongs for the gong string matches, storage containers, almost everything needed to put on a first-class event, with timers and lights for the long-range targets. BPCR silhouette for that challenge, out to 200 meters. Restroom facilities, security cameras, and whatever else it takes to complete the range.

Soda Springs is the closest area for 307 yards of range. They have that range, a 100, and a 200-meter range, and 5 pistol range bays.

Our goal is to try and offer that much at our range so one does not have to travel that far and to even try and get an archery range.

We are still going to try and hold several events this summer and fall. Hoping to be able to maintain social distancing and still put on an interesting event for all.

Our plans are doable, we just need help to get things in order and some funding from grants to accomplish that goal.

I would like to thank Scott, from the county road and bridge, our County Commissioners for their support and efforts to help us make this a great range. Also a shout out to all of the members that have put in many hours and funding to accomplish what we have to this point. The News Examiner for their support and helping to get information out to everyone.

We ask that you will be patient with our construction and improvement efforts, and do your part to help us maintain this range.

Our website is,, it also has a link to the Soda Springs site, so you can see what events they are having and the particulars of each shoot.

Events will be posted on our website, in the News Examiner, and on the WAVE radio station.

Enjoy the summer and the range.


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