Owen Teuscher

Bear Lake quarterback Owen Teuscher (12) throws a pass during a 2A playoff game against Firth at Holt Arena on Oct. 31, 2019.

Bear Lake took home the top two awards in 2A District 5 football all-conference voting. Bears coach Ryan Messerly was named Coach of the Year and quarterback Owen Teuscher was named Player of the Year.

The awards, along with all-conference teams, were announced Friday the 8th.

Bear Lake finished the regular season 6-2 and faced Melba in the 2A state quarterfinals on Friday night.

West Side’s Cage Brokens was named the conference’s Offensive Player of the Year, and Soda Springs’ Todd Hunsaker was the Defensive Player of the Year.


Coach of the Year: Ryan Messerly, Bear Lake

Player of the Year: Owen Teuscher, Bear Lake

Offensive Player of the Year: Cage Brokens, West Side

Defensive Player of the Year: Todd Hunsaker, Soda Springs

First team


Tom Simpson, QB, Malad

Jaxon Moser, RB, West Side

Jesus Guillen, RB, Aberdeen

Scott Hunsaker, RB, Soda Springs

Taze Stegelmeier, WR, West Side

Traven Ward, WR, Malad

Matthew Hammond, WR, Bear Lake

Tiagan Criswell, WR, Bear Lake

Hunter Abbott, OL, West Side

Armando Montano, OL, West Side

Carson Wynn, OL, Aberdeen

Clay Ingersoll, OL, Aberdeen

Michael Hemmert, OL, Bear Lake

Jaxson Crane, K, Bear Lake

Ryan Beckstead, P, West Side


Isaac Frankman, DL, West Side

Hunter Abbott, DL, West Side

Cason Culver, DL, Bear Lake

Shad Curry, DL, Soda Springs

Dolton Moss, DE, Bear Lake

Will Torman, DE, Soda Springs

Taze Stegelmeier, LB, West Side

Tayvin Scott, LB, Malad

Jesus Guillen, LB, Aberdeen

Kody King, LB, Bear Lake

Ryan Beckstead, DB, West Side

Riggin Smith, DB, Malad

Payton Foster, DB, Aberdeen

Ashton Carlsen, DB, Bear Lake

Jaxon Garbett, UT, Bear Lake

Second team


Tugg Kap, QB, Soda Springs

Clay Brackin, RB, Malad

Payton Foster, RB, Aberdeen

Bryler Shurtliff, WR, West Side

Riggin Smith, WR, Malad

Dustin Thompson, WR, Soda Springs

Craig Hansen, WR, Soda Springs

Isaac Frankman, OL, West Side

Landon Smith, OL, Malad

Ethan Suter, OL, Soda Springs

Jack Behrend, OL, Aberdeen

Jake Smith, OL, Bear Lake


Armando Montano, DL, WS

Clay Ingersoll, DL, Aberdeen

Briston Schrieber, DL, Bear Lake

Jace Smith, DL, Soda Springs

Easton Henderson, DE, West Side

Dawson Driscoll, DE, Aberdeen

Dominic Zabriskie, DE, Bear Lake

Jaxon Moser, LB, West Side

JD Atkinson, LB, Malad

Carson Wynn, LB, Aberdeen

Brendon Burbank, LB, Bear Lake

Josh Reeder, DB, West Side

Tom Simpson, DB, Malad

Carlos Serna, DB, Aberdeen

James Alleman, DB, Bear Lake

Honorable mention

Ethan Mott, DE, West Side

Zach Groll, OL, West Side

Blaize Brown, LB, West Side

Tayvin Scott, OL, Malad

Dillon Evans, DB, Malad

Jason Fonnesbeck, DL, Malad

Kenny Moore, Bear Lake

Ryley Greene, Bear Lake

Chance Ochsenbien, Bear Lake

Rhett Schritter, Aberdeen

Martin Law, Aberdeen

Angel Lemos, Aberdeen

Jayden Sturm, LB, Soda Springs

Boyd Griffiths, DB, Soda Springs

Easton Pendelbury, WR, Soda Springs

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