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Bear Lake County School District held its regular meeting on September 14. All Board members were present. The Board started the meeting at 5:30 p.m. at the Georgetown Elementary School. The Board toured this school and Bear Lake High School to complete their tour of all District Buildings. The Tours gave the Board members the ability to see areas of concern and ask questions about areas of interest. The Board is planning on developing a plan for necessary changes or buildings for the district.

After completing the tour, the regular meeting was held in the school library. The Board conducted the regular business of the meeting. The Board chose to hear from members of the public before making the call to the company that had completed the yearly financial audit.

Mary Crane from the Georgetown PTO requested the Board to develop a way for the PTO to hold the traditional Halloween Carnival. Crane had spoken with Principal Jensen and had been told no Carnival would be allowed this year. When no alternative was offered, Crane decided to address the Board to see if something could be possible. Jensen did offer an outdoor event after being informed Crane would request the Board to help find a solution. The Carnival is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year. Superintendent Brogan did say he would work on the issue and keep the Board updating on the event. Principal Bassett from Paris stated Paris Elementary would have an outdoor event as this went so well last year, but if the weather became an issue, the event would move indoors. Cole Smith also addressed the Board in support of the Georgetown event.

The Board then participated in an online report on the annual audit. The audit found the necessary checks and balances and feels the district is completing all required financial practices. The audit found the district doing well, and the auditor offered few suggestions for change.

Superintendent Brogan thanked Helen Smith for her nine years of service to the district. Smith was not present at the meeting. The retirement Plaque will be given to her.

The Board training was regarding the recent announcement requiring all companies to make Covid -19 vaccinations mandatory for over 100 employees. Brogan stated School Districts were exempt unless the State had an Osha plan. Idaho does not have an OSHA plan for Schools.

In What’s Right, Board Chair Roberts commended the janitorial staff on the excellent work in taking care of the schools. He was impressed with the quality of their work and availability during the tours.

The Board then moved to the Action Items.

E-1 – the Board approved the 2020-2021 Audit as it was reported.

E-2 The Board approved all of the requested overnight school trips that have been planned.

E-3 The Board approved the Back to School plan with all required conditions. The Board did change the policy to have no Mandatory Mask Policy in the district. A district texted notice to all parents that night. Angie Grunig abstained from voting on this issue.

E-4 The Board moved to participate in the JUULLA Lawsuit. The JUUL vapor nicotine company is being sued for specifically targeting youth to purchase their product. Board member Smart voted against participating in the suit as he is opposed to lawsuits for this type of issue.

E-5 The Board moved to work to have the district do the best that they can do. They want to Identify problem areas and areas that the district excels in.

E-6 The Board moved to accept moving 56 Patrons to a different District, so the district complies with population changes made in the recent census. The changes will be Georgetown Canyon and the Moose Loop area. This rezone is required every ten years.

E-7 The Board approved the purchase of a dump trailer rather than renting one. The Superintendent felt the acquisition would result in savings to the district.

E-8 The Board approved the first reading of Policy # 2375 Service Animals at school. Only a service animal can be approved, not support animals.

E-9 The Board approved the final reading of Policy #2400, Special Education.

The Board then moved to go to the Executive Session. No decisions were made when returning to the Public meeting. The Board adjourned the meeting.

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