Senior Center Construction

New Construction at the Bear Lake Senior Center

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The Bear Lake Senior Center recently received an Idaho Community Development Block Grant for construction of a new baking area and repair of lighting and other electrical issues.

This money will help with bakery sales and also help to support the day to day operations of providing nutrition and educational events for senior citizens.

The grant will most benefit the preparation area of the Senior Center, which is now so confined. It will help the Center to be able to prepare more meals for home delivery and for the congregate of the Center.

As of now, the Center has only a double oven. The baker uses the top, and the cook uses the bottom of the oven. This causes a lot of confusion, and it tends to get very crowded. The new construction will give the baker more area to increase production of bakery items, which will not only benefit the Senior Center, it will help in fund-raising efforts as well.

The grant money will also help with lighting issues at the Center. Up until now, there have been no outside lights, which includes no parking lot lights. So the safety of the congregate has been a concern. The new lighting will be more energy efficient and will help cut costs, which will allow the saved money to be used in different areas of the Center.

Krystal Harmon, of SEICOG, helped the Center write the grant beginning in February of 2019. The grant was awarded to the Center in May of 2019. Bidding was planned to start in late fall of 2019 but was postponed until January of 2020. Then COVID-19 hit, so bidding didn’t start until the end of June 2020. The grant was finally funded September 28, 2020.

The Center was hoping the grant money would not only cover the baking area and the lighting, but also the garage door and some other miscellaneous items. The original grant was written for $226.452.10, which they figured would cover all those costs.

The grant was awarded for only $150,000. Unfortunately, this amount would only cover construction of the baking area. Then the Idaho Department of Commerce came in with an additional $65,000. Together with the original $150,000, this money allowed the Center to fix the baking area and the lighting as well. However, they were not able to fix the garage door or the other miscellaneous items.

As you can see from the picture above, construction has begun on the baking area and is progressing well.

The Bear Lake Senior Center is very grateful for the money they received, which will add additional area and fix things that have been needed to be fixed for a very long time. They are also very grateful to the County for all the support they have shown the Center over the years and the support they showed in the grant writing process.

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