When the seniors were told that they only had one game left of the regular season, they almost didn’t believe it. It seemed like it was just yesterday when they first stepped on the field in small sneakers and flimsy, plastic mitts. But, the time to step off the field indefinitely was coming up quickly.

There are five seniors this year; Kayci Bloxham, Shaelyn Ramsey, Makinzy “Cheese” Colvin, Olivia Crane, Shakira Hemmert, and Aurore Debray.

Kayci Bloxham started playing softball when she was four. Her dad started coaching Kayci’s brothers and her at a very young age; she even played 12u baseball with her brothers when she was 8. When asked about her most memorable moment, Kayci said, “I remember the summer going into my freshman year I played with the high school team during summer ball. I played left field, and a ball got hit, and I was a gap shot between me and the foul line. I was on a dead sprint, and I knew if I didn’t jump with my belly towards the ground, the ball was going to get passed me, and the runner would have made it to third. So I jumped, and somehow the ball made it in my glove. Everybody called it the ESPN catch, and that’s something I will never forget!”

Kayci got a full ride to Nightingale, a nursing college, and is going there after she graduates.

Shaelyn Ramsey started playing softball her 8th-grade summer because she wanted to do a spring/summer sport and softball was the only one she was interested in.

Her most memorable softball memory was last year during a game against Malad when she and another player hit doubles and scored the final points of the game in the 8th inning. “It was a great game,” she said.

Her senior quote was, “Life will always throw you curves. Just keep fouling them off… the right pitch will come, but when it does, be prepared to run the bases.”

After she graduates, Shae is going to go to CSI and go into social work.

Makinzy “Cheese” Colvin started playing softball when she was 9. Her mom at the time was playing softball, and when Cheese showed interest, her mom signed her up for a 10u team.

When discussing her most memorable softball moment, Cheese said, “My most memorable moment happened this year at home against Marsh Valley. I was in right field, and they hit a pretty short ball, but somehow I got on my high horse and caught it and got them out. Proudest moment of my outfield career right there.”

Cheese plans on attending Weber State to get a degree in radiology. Her senior quote is, “The greatest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.”

Olivia Crane started playing softball at a very young age and grew up watching her older siblings play. She played at first because all of her older siblings did it, but soon she began to love the game. “The adrenaline when the pitch was about to be thrown, the crack if the bat on the ball, the pressure, and the fight to get to the ball when it comes flying at you in a matter of seconds. It’s fun and exhilarating. On that field, ordinary people become extraordinary.”

Oliva said she couldn’t pick a specific moment that stood out to her. “There are too many moments where the game taught me life lessons I wouldn’t have learned any other way, too many times when that dirt and ball were my best friends, and too many memories with my team, whether on or off the field, that were pure joy. I cannot pick a single moment, but my high school softball experience has by far been one of my most memorable experiences.”

After graduating, Olivia plans on living her life to the fullest. Full send or no send.

Shakira Hemmert began playing softball in the 2nd grade, following the example of her older sisters.

When asked about her most memorable softball moment, Shakira said, ““[My most memorable moment was] the time when Baylee, Shanyce, and I got asked to go play on a team in Ririe Idaho and stayed the weekend where I bonded with all the team and got to play the game I love!”

After graduating, she plans on going to CSI in Twin Falls to become a dental hygienist.

Aurore Debray, an exchange student from Belgium and the softball team’s honorary senior, started softball this year. She wanted the chance to play a sport that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to play back in Belgium.

She said this about her most memorable moment: “I think the moment I’m gonna remember for a long time is the first time I hit the ball in a game. It was during a game against Logan.”

Aurore is going to the University Catholic in Louvain la Neuve in Belgium after she graduates.

The seniors this year were real assets to the team, and their teammates will dearly miss them. They will all go on to do great things.