Bear Lake Wrestling Team

Picture front row Tyler Saunders, Walker Pelto, Jimmy Williams, Justin Ray, Mitzie Hunt and Celeste Harper Back row Lucus Hanson, Coach Wilding, Matthew Goostery, Titan Early, Peyton Ochsenbien, Madox Jacobson, Nick Kovac, Wyatt Lloyd, Hoyt Johnson, Modoc Early, Draken Harris,Alex Kipp, Coach Jensen.

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On January 9, the Bear Lake Wrestling team sponsored the annual Bear Lake Classic. They had nine teams participate.

This past month our team lost Traeden McPherson and former wrestler Preston Schei to a tragic car accident. Two of the team’s long-time wrestlers moved this past week. Ben and Joey McDowell, they will be missed.

So our team had to work through some pretty tuff things. To get mentally back, wrestling to their best potential. This past week they welcomed back senior Wyatt Lloyd and look forward to wrestling with him. The wrestlers came out Saturday and left it all on the matt. Mitzie Hunt 106# brought home a 1st place Medal. Justin Ray 120# and Jimmy William’s 132# brought home 2nd place medals. Tyler Saunders 126# and Walker Pelto 145# brought home 3rd place medals. Celeste Harper 120# took 4th place.

Also wrestling for the team were Lucus Hanson, Nick Kovac, Titan Early, Modic Early, Peyton Ochsenbien, Draken Harris, Hoyt Johnson, Matthew Goostrey, Alex Kip. Everyone wrestled well.

They had a moment of silence for Traeden McPherson and Preston Schie. Jamieson McPherson was awarded the 138# medal in memory of Traeden.

The parents were excited to be able to come out and help with the tournament and watch everyone wrestle.

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