BLEF receives donation

BLEF receives $5,000 donation from Itofos

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In our March meeting a representative from Itofos gave the Bear Lake Education Foundation (BLEF) a $5,000 grant to be used for the Family and Consumer Science class currently being formed at our Middle School. There has been a great deal of support from our community in this endeavor and we hope to soon have the funding needed to prepare the classroom space and purchase the equipment necessary for the class.

With this generous gift from Itofos, we are that much closer to making this endeavor a reality. We have seen an increasing need for this class and believe strongly that it will help prepare our students for life beyond our schools as they embark on the future of their choice.

We also learned that donations to our foundation through Amazon Smile have more than doubled over the last quarter. Thank you to those who have spread the word and have signed up for Amazon Smile on our behalf. The efforts are paying off tremendously. That money goes to student scholarships and teacher grants much like the one we were able to give in our last meeting to Mrs. Briggs at Georgetown Elementary for new bookshelves in her classroom.

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