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Did you know that most high schools and even colleges hold Freshmen Orientation? Most schools like to do an Orientation for the Freshmen to help them navigate their way, including our Bear Lake High School.

BLHS held the Freshmen Orientation on the first day of school to help familiarize students with the school and it created an opportunity for the freshmen to meet fellow classmen.

Cameron Crane, the school counselor, explained that “Freshmen Orientation helps the new students feel like they are welcome because most of the freshmen feel timid about the new experience. It helps calm some of the Freshmen’s fears and gives them a sense of belonging by the end of the Orientation. The Orientation helps introduce them to the Summit Platform and the extensive list of electives that can help them find their place at the school.”

The first part of the Orientation found the freshmen in one of three different short Summit Overviews: Mentoring, Projects, and Self-Direction. This gave them a grounding in the Summit Learning Platform so they were ready to start school.

Next, they traveled through six different mini-courses in the electives and CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs, learning about the courses in Vo-Ag, Auto, Art, Woodshop, Digital Technology, and Fine Arts areas. The freshmen were amazed at the many opportunities students at BLHS have for technical education.

With the help of the Student Body Officers, the freshmen participated in activities that were full of energy, showing some of the school spirit Bear Lake High School has.

Freshman Taylor Roberts stated “it was a great way to kick off the school year and it was helpful to have Student Body Officers there to pump up the energy.”

Lastly, Mr. Kelsey remarked that “The Orientation was extremely successful because by the end of the day the Freshmen was more open and relaxed. The Orientation just reminded me why we do the Orientation. We do the Orientation to help the freshmen feel like they are a part of the school and that they have a welcoming place that they belong in. It is always nice to see them become part of the school throughout the Orientation.”

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