Senior Sunrise Breakfast

Members of the BLHS senior class of 2020 gather as the sun rises.

The class of 2020 started their senior year off with the annual Senior Sunrise at the Allinger Park Pavilion at 6:00 a.m. Thursday, August 22.

The morning began with a motivational talk given by Brenda Messerly. She gave words of advice on how the seniors should avoid thinking of how others think of them and instead focus on being self-confident, getting to know more people and becoming involved during their senior year.

This was followed by letters written by the seniors to themselves to be opened in May at the Senior Banquet. The letters included what they were feeling now, what they wanted to do their senior year, and any advice or council they felt they wanted to give themselves.

Finally, the breakfast was served. Plates were piled with pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and sausage served by their senior teacher advisors: Rick Saunders, Cameron Crane, Jared Hillier, Bobi Pierson, Luke Kelsey, and Jeff Lowe. The seniors enjoyed the breakfast while talking and taking pictures.

As the morning ended and the sun came up the seniors took part in a heartwarming activity. Each senior sat and closed their eyes as one by one a different group was asked to stand. Every time a group took its turn they were asked to touch someone who had been a friend, a good listener, an inspiration, and so forth. As each student was touched on the shoulder by another anonymous student, the care and companionship amongst the class grew stronger. On that note Mrs. Stephens asked the class to then open their eyes.

Each senior was able to realize how many lives they have touched.

As the wonderful morning ended and the students dispersed they all signed a graduation cap to promise to their class they would graduate as a whole. The morning was a success and the class of 2020 is ready to finish out their high school career as their very best.