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The Bear Lake High School Cross Country Team is back at it again and is ready to start a new season of blood, sweat, and tears. Each summer and fall, the runners begin rigorous training consisting of mileage, hills, and sprint workouts. Not only that, Cross Country is an insane mental sport, challenging athletes as they complete a course of 3.1 miles as fast as they can. This year’s team consists of some pretty rough and tough runners.

Come and support the team at their meets! There will be a Home meet on the schedule so stay tuned for that as well.

Ryan Hunt 12, Josi Kelsey 12, Ryan Turner 12, Macey Mattson 12, Henry Keller 12, Hollyanne Pratt 12, David Lusk 12, Miah Jacobsen 11, Seth Tobler 10, Hailey Roberts 11, Stockton Hansen 10, Elise Kelsey 10,Tyler Saunders 9, Hattie Mattson 10, Sylus Critchlow 9, Rachel Holmquist 10, Ridge Wallentine 9, Elli Kelsey 10, Taycee Nunn 10, Hailey Messenger 10, Katelynn Crane 9,

Aug 29, Malad- First race starts at 3:30

Sept 7, Soda Springs- First race starts at 10:15

Sept 13, Idaho Falls- First race starts at 8:45 and will have races until 3:50

Sept 20, 21 Boise- First race starts at 9:25 and will have races until 3:50

Sept. 26 West Side- Women’s race at 4:10 and Men’s at 4:40

Oct. 3 Pocatello- Meet starts at 12:00 and last race will be 3:20

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