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Bloomington City held it’s monthly council meting Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. All council members were present.

Several community members were present, including Justin Withrow, who requested approval to manufacture and sell firearms and ammunition out of his shop. The council said that at this time there are no rules prohibiting such an action, therefore the request was approved. Glen Bee presented a request for snow to be left on 50 East to run dogs with a sled. Nothing was decided at this time.

The Mayor has not been able to do the final inspection on Donna Passey’s building. He will follow up on this. He discussed a land survey for intersections throughout the City which would cost from $2,000 to $3,000. Shawn Turner requested more information on what would be done and the actual cost.

The community survey was reviewed as a group, and it was decided they would go ahead with it and that it would be mailed to all residents. This will need to be done before moving forward with the Ordinances.

The Public-Right-Of-Way Ordinance and the Short-Term Vacation Rental and Licensing Ordinances were both tabled until the surveys are complete. A special meeting will be scheduled following the survey results.

A generator has been received for the sewer, but it has not been installed yet.

A discussion was held with the Mayor on the emergency water line between Paris and Bloomington. It was stated that this water line is for a secondary water source, not for personal homes. If anyone wants Bloomington water for hookup outside city boundaries, their only option is to annex from the boundary to their property and run a separate water line to their property. Engineering must be completed prior to any approval.

It was then discussed that water from the water sculpture at the Bateman’s is flowing over 50 East and is freezing, causing a hazardous driving condition. The Council requested that a letter be sent to the homeowners who have ice creations from running chlorinated city water asking them to disconnect the water.

Shawn Turner reported he completed his water recertification, and it was mentioned that the water bond for the Bloomington-Paris water line has been paid off.

The status of non-working street lights was then discussed. Dan Porter spoke with Rocky Mountain Power again regarding two street lights that have not yet been repaired. Rocky Mountain’s records show they have been repaired. Another work order ticket was opened, and the street lights should be repaired in three days time. Shawn Turner will check into Dark Sky Government funding to replace current street lights with solar lights and provide information to the Council (Go Green).

Phase 1 of the remodel of the Bloomington City Offices/Hall is almost complete. The window frame in the front office, the bathroom door frame, and the air vent near the front office still need to be completed. Finish work on three of the new doors and bare wood around the windows and minor caulking and repair still need to be done as well. A request for a new vacuum cleaner was approved.

The motion light and mechanism for outside the hall has been received and will be completed.

It was noted that the five-county coalition meeting was cancelled.

There were no delinquent accounts to report as all accounts are in good standing.

A motion was made to pay the expenses for December 2020, and a motion was made to dismiss the meeting.

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