Broulim's donation

Left to right: Shane Johnson — Montpelier City Council, Tracy Park – Bear Lake Valley Healthcare Foundation, VonnieLue Broulim, Dick Broulim, Sheryl Bomsta – VP Bear Lake Pickleball Club, Frank Vilt, Dan Hemmert – manager, Montpelier Broulims, Linda Hemmert

On Thursday, August 1st, Dick and VonnieLue Broulim made a very generous $5,000 donation to the Montpelier Community Foundation, specifically to help the Bear Lake Pickleball Club refurbish the unusable courts at Wells C. Stock park. Dick and Vonnie Lue are very grateful to have been made aware of this need in the community, as they are always willing and excited to help the communities where their stores are located.

What is pickleball, you ask? It is a sport that was invented in the 1960’s and has been gaining popularity ever since, especially over the past decade. It is a sport for all ages and is especially popular with the senior generation. It is most similar to tennis, as you hit a wiffle ball, with a paddle, back and forth over a net. The court most closely resembles a badminton court and has the same dimensions. Here, in Bear Lake, there are a dedicated group of players who have been diligently working on the courts to get them ready for outdoor pickleball play. At the moment, all play in the area is done indoors in three church gyms. The players are very grateful to the Rotary Club that held their yearly fundraiser in April to help get the ball rolling. Thanks to our generous community, $14,000 was raised.

The pickleball players, here in the valley, again thank Dick and VonnieLue Broulim for their wonderful donation. The players are always looking to share this fun sport with others. When the courts are ready, they hope to see many learning the sport and enjoying the courts.