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IDAHO FALLS, ID – May 25, 201 – The Caribou-Targhee National Forest will start selling firewood permits for personal use beginning June 1, 2021. Firewood may be purchased for $6.25 a cord with a minimum purchase of four cords. The minimum cost of a firewood permit is $25. Additional cords may be purchased for $6.25 a cord, up to a maximum of 8 cords per household. Other forest products, including transplant permits and post and pole permits will be available at this time as well. Please contact your local ranger district for availability. Permits are valid until November 30, 2021, and must be in possession while collecting forest products, with tags visible at the time of transport.

Permits are offered at all eight District office locations by calling in advance to arrange payment and pick up, or having them mailed to you. Additionally, firewood permits are available at the following vendor locations:

Hillview Gas Station in Ririe

Central Service in Malad

CAL Ranch in Pocatello

Stokes True Value in Preston

Caribou-Jack’s Trading Company in Soda Springs

Please allow time to receive your permit before collecting forest products. With your firewood permit purchase, you will receive the permit, tags, the Caribou-Targhee National Forest terms and conditions handout, and a ranger district firewood map to help you locate firewood in the appropriate area.

“Firewood is an important commodity for many individuals in Idaho,” said Tom Silvey, Caribou-Targhee National Forest Timber Program Manager. “Last year we sold 9,427 cords of wood.”

When gathering firewood, permits allow for the harvest of down or standing dead wood only. It is important to use firewood from local sources to prevent the spread of invasive species. Firewood availability may be limited due to the decline of insect and disease activity and other naturally occurring factors that create dead trees for firewood. Less traveled roads may be more likely to have firewood available. Expect to travel further and search more than in past years.

Not all lands on the National Forests are open to firewood cutting. Please consult the firewood map to be sure you are in an area where cutting is permitted. It is your responsibility to be certain you are not trespassing on private land. Cutting information and maps are available on the Forest website at

National Forests across the nation have been providing a substantial amount of firewood for the public since the 1970s, which has continued to grow as more households in America are adopting practices to reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption. Selling firewood permits also aids in fire prevention by removing burnable material from the forest floor.

Contact information for all the Caribou-Targhee Ranger Districts is below:

Dubois Ranger District - Dubois, ID, 208-374-5422 or 208-313-7812

Ashton/Island Park Ranger District – Island Park, ID, 208-558-7301

Ashton/Island Park Ranger District - Ashton, ID, 208-652-7442

Teton Basin Ranger District - Driggs, ID, 208-354-2312

Palisades Ranger District - Idaho Falls, ID, 208-523-1412

Westside Ranger District - Pocatello, ID, 208-236-7500

Soda Springs Ranger District - Soda Springs, ID, 208-547-4356

Montpelier Ranger District - Montpelier, ID, 208-847-0375

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