Hi all, my name is Charles Horikami and I am running for the 2 year seat on City Council for Montpelier. My name will not be on the ballot, nor will any other name as nobody signed up and I signed up after the deadline to be a write-in candidate. This means that I will only get votes from people who explicitly write in my name, don’t worry about spelling, they take write-ins on good faith. Please write me in Nov. 5th.

The reason I am running is to put my vote where my mouth is. I believe that people can talk all day about what they believe in, they can talk until they are blue in the face, but that doesn’t mean they actually believe it. I have been very vocal about my beliefs and have been writing opinions in the paper now for over 4 years. My views have changed in that time, but in the end, it is all talk. I need to now walk the talk.

City Council is a place where I can vote and my vote is public. I want people to see me put into practice what I say I believe. I have served on Planning and Zoning for the past year and seen a lot of the problems that they face with poorly written laws, and government overreach on those laws. I want things to change. I also want to see our town grow, economically we have a lot of potential, and I want us to see it being used. Businesses need to come back to Montpelier and stay in Montpelier. Competition would drive down prices and help more of us stay and shop in Montpelier instead of going to Pocatello or Logan.

Finally, as I have stated before on numerous occasions, Federal Government should have as little to do with our lives as possible because it is hard for us to talk to them about concerns and needs. State Government should have a little more, and only a little more, for the same reasons. It is Local Government that should be most involved in your life. This is because the local government should be accessible to your needs and concerns. So I will always make myself available to meet and talk about those concerns. I look forward to serving as your council member, as your servant, representing your voice in local government.

Thank you,

Charles Horikami

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