Cokeville Awad Night

4-H Awards night participants

The Cokeville Community 4-H club held its annual 4-H Awards Night on Oc.14, 2019 in the Elementary School gym. Club President, Eli Linford conducted. Members spoke on the different aspects of 4-H that help members: Myles Dayton - Respect - Respect your animals and leaders, Flint Linford-Citizenship - Go to meetings, Kelli Haderlie-Responsibility - Get up and feed your animals, work hard and talk to people, TyLeigh Dayton- Caring - Take care of your animals, Janessa Moody - Fairness - Be Honest, Abby Johnson -trustworthiness - Be Honest and keep your commitments.

New inductees for the 4-H Honors Club Awards: Treyson Dayton and Hailey Mackey. Outstanding Leaders recognized: Marilyn Dayton and Cody Linford.

4-H Leader Awards/years: Marilyn Dayton - 4 years, Joe Mackey - 5, Randy Nate - 6, Cody Linford - 15, Jan Moody - 23, Pam Grandy - 26. The Friend of 4-H went to Holli Murdock. Special Recognition/Buckles: Bryli Groll - Intermediate Champion Round Robin Showmanship, Harley Mackey - Intermediate co-reserve Round Robin Showmanship, Abby Johnson overall reserve champion lamb and Grand Senior Round Robin Showmanship. Record book Awards: Outstanding Seniors; Treyson Dayton, Abby Johnson, Eli Linford, Hailey Mackey, Janessa Moody, Weston Murdock and Whytney Murdock. Intermediate; TyLeigh Dayton, Bryli Groll, Kalob Haderlie, Kelli Haderlie, Harley Mackey, Wyatt Mohn, McCall Murdock, Micah Petersen. Juniors; Payton Allred, Myles Dayton, Whitli Groll, Flint Linford, Madilyn Dayton. New Officers for 2019-2020: President - Abby Johnson, Vice President - Kelli Haderlie, Secretary - Sydney Nate, Treasurer - Treyson Dayton, Reporter - Bryli Groll, Call Chair - Whytney Murdock/Hailey Mackey.

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