Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

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  • Cokeville Schools held a retirement dinner on Monday, May 24 to honor the many retirees leaving Cokeville Schools. Among those being honored for retirement were: Roger Warner, Fourth Grade Cokeville Elementary; Briant Teichert, Third Grade Cokeville Elementary, Cokeville High School Girls Basketball Head Coach, Cokeville High School Track Assistant Coach; Bill Thompson, Cokeville High School Math/Business, Media, Cokeville High School Volleyball Head Coach; Trudy Hatch, Special Education Paraprofessional. Others leaving to pursue different career paths included: Brian Toomer, Robbie King, Jay Keetch, Kirsten Keetch and Carrie Knowles. They will all truly be missed. They have left a lasting impression due to their love of education and students. Best wishes as they each head out on a new adventure.
  • The Junior High Awards Assembly was held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 in the Cokeville High School Auditorium. Among the Individual awards were as follows: Governor Gordon’s Christmas Tree Award — McCall Murdock. Seventh Grade History — Ryder Pope and Avery Thornock; Eighth Grade History — Brooke Bell and Hudson Himmerich. Seventh Grade English — Kanyon Luthi and Hudson Himmerich; Eighth Grade — Maliyah Thompson and Brendon Hymer. Music — Junior High Band — Josh Floyd; Junior High Choir — Brynlee Hansell. Art — Seventh Grade — Addison Barnes and Hudson Himmerich; Eighth Grade — Bryn Lyman and Blaze Plowman; Most Improved — Seventh Grade — Rachael Thomas and Josh Floyd; Eighth Grade — Kate Teichert, Kodi Johnson and Brendon Hymer. Athletes participating in Junior Volleyball. Football, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling and Track were all recognized.
  • The Cokeville Elementary Awards Assembly was held on Tuesday, May 25. Among the Individual Awards were as follows: Creative Poetry — Briquelle Peck, Simisi Tukuafu, Geneva Murdock, Bentley McKinnon, Kinley Davis, Joslyn Willis, Presli Pope and Myles Dayton. Presidential Physical Fitness — Maddie Petersen, Talon Teichert, Jace Barnes, Emmitt Groll, Lindsey Thomas, Ryker Teichert, Presli Pope, Myles Dayton, Whytli Groll, Nephi Cook, Flint Linford and Cade Thompson. Music Awards — Black Belt Recorders — Bentley McKinnon, Myles Dayton, Geneva Murdock and Kinley Davis; Outstanding Fifth Grade Band Students — Whytli Groll and Ainslie Himmerich, Extra Mile Award — Erika Brooks, Sienna Weske and Livi Thornock; Sixth Grade Outstanding Band — Bodie Vierig, Outstanding Actors (Christmas Play) — Flint Linford and Riggin Keetch, Extra Mile — Cole Brooks. Accelerated Reading Top Students: First Grade — Wes Clark, Second Grade — Ari Groll, Third Grade — Ryker Teichert, Fourth Grade — Myles Dayton, Fifth Grade — Cooper Bird, Sixth Grade — Riggin Keetch. Top Reader in the School — Cooper Bird with 597.2 points. Overall 13,207 books were read, 84,018,531 words and an average of 49 minutes per student each day. Junior Duck Stamp Awards — First Grade — Bybee Dayton and Jensen Peck (Honorable Mention), Second Grade — Matthew Tims, Talon Teichert, Asher Lyman, Maliyah Pauni and Genevieve Himmerich (Honorable Mention), Ari Groll (3rd), Mason Hobbs (2nd), Myles Dayton (1st), Third Grade — M,J. Nate, Ella Tukuafu, Sara Brooks, Jace Barnes, Macady Nelson (Honorable Mention), Lindsey Thomas, Jase Martinez, Sagan Keetch (3rd), Ryker Teichert (1st), Fourth Grade — Briquelle Peck, Bentley McKinnon (Honorable Mention). Extra Growth Award — Ridge Barnes, Riggin Stoor, Cael Walker, Macen Child, Erica Brook, M.J. Nate, Bentley McKinnon. President’s Education Award — Silver — Cole Brooks, Riggin Keetch, Cade Thompson, Kashton Walker, Gold — Nephi Cook, Logan Halls, Flint Linford, Mack Richardson. Governor Gordon’s Christmas Tree Award — Ben Clark.


  • The Cokeville High School Athletic Awards Night was held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Among the Individual awards presented where: Track — Ethan Bird (All Conference Player of the Year), Tana Teichert (All Conference Player of the Year), Volleyball — Tana Teichert (Conference Player of the Year), Cydney Brown (All Stars), Football — Nate Barnes (2A Defensive Player of the Year, Super 25, Shrine Bowl), Girls Basketball — Rylee Teichert (Free Throw Award), Whytney Murdock (2021 Sprit of the Sport Award for Wyoming), Tana Teichert (Student Athlete), Tyler Moyes (Student Athlete). All of the athletes for each sport were also recognized. Congratulations!

The Cokeville High School Academic Awards Assembly was held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Among the Individual awards presented were: Scholarships; 1st Bank — Ethan Bird; Little Favors — Norman Freeman Citizenship — Weston Murdock, Charlotte Freeman Arts Award — Ethan Bird, Stellar Award — Janessa Moody; Allwest — Nathan Thornock; Miracle Foundation — Demi Harmon; Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Healthy Community — Kallie Brooks; Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Spirit of Volunteerism — Janessa Moody, Demi Harmon; Janet Skinner Memorial Nursing — Harley Harmon; LCSD2 — Employee Contribution — Nathan Thornock, Demi Harmon, Janessa Moody, Tyler Moyes, Broulims — Janessa Moody, Community — Nate Barnes, JR Simplot — Demi Harmon, Daniels — Abby Johnson, Tyler Moyes, Trustees — Eli Linford, Naughton Plant Employee Educational Grant — Ammon Halls, All Creatures Great and Small — Harley Harmon, Eli Linford, Weston Murdock, Whytney Murdock, LCSD2 Teachers Association — Eli Linford, Hagen — Abby Johnson, Erik’s Veterinarian and Polyguard — Nathan Thornock. Best Actor — Matt Thompson, Eli Linford, Nathan Thornock, Tyler Moyes, Ethan Bird. Best Actress — Michea Petersen and Abby Johnson. Rising Star — Jaxon Weske. Music Letter — Nathan Thornock, Tyler Moyes, Ethan Bird, Janessa Moody, Cache Keetch, Bryli Groll, Outstanding Band/Choir — Ethan Bird, Nathan Thornock, Tyler Moyes. English — Bryli Groll (Freshman), Jayci Thornock (Sophomore), Kylee Dayton (Junior), Tyler Moyes (Senior). History/ Government: Drake Plowman, Katelyn Dean — World History, Kylee Dayton, Michael Cook — Junior, Abby Johnson — Government, Nick Weaver — Econ. Math — Ethan Bird, Eli Linford, Demi Harmon. Science — Drake Plowman — Physical, Jayci Thornock — Biology, Abby Johnson — Biology II, Tyler Moyes — Physics, Dakota King — Environmental, Chemistry — Michael Cook. Spanish I — Katelyn Dean, Bryli Groll, Spanish II — Nate Barnes, Jesus Bencomo. Art — Kallianne Toomer, Drake Plowman — Outstanding, Savannah Bell, Jaxon Weske — Most Improved. Junior Duck Stamp — Rebekah Hymer. Citizenship — Tyler Moyes, Demi Harmon. Valedictorian — Nathan Thornock, Salutatorian — Demi Harmon. Congratulations!

Trudy Hatch has been awarded the Wyoming Special Education Paraprofessional of the Year. Trudy has worked as a Special Education Paraprofessional for many years at Cokeville High School and is retiring this year. She will be sorely missed. Thank you Trudy for the many hours you spent helping and serving students at Cokeville High School.

Congratulations Trudy.

  • The fifth and sixth grade classes participated in the annual egg drop on Wed., May 26, 2021. Each student packaged a raw egg and then it was dropped from the top of the school to see if it would survive. Some did and some didn’t.

Mrs. Stoor and her Kindergarten students prepared a sharing day for parents and grandparents on May 26, 2021. They performed musical numbers and shared some things they had learned throughout the year. Mrs. Stoor will be teaching third grade next year. Thank you Mrs. Stoor for being such a great Kindergarten teacher.

Cokeville schools released on Thursday, May 27 for the summer.

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