Keetch Fire

Fire in Bear Lake County in spring of 2019

Can your property withstand a wildfire? What happens during and after a wildfire?

Come spend the evening having those questions answered September 20 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Bear Lake County Fire Station on 15 Cemetery Road (North corner of the fairgrounds). Tyre Holfeltz from the Department of Lands will be the guest speaker.

The Fire Department is partnering up with the US Forest Service, insurance companies, the Department of Land Management (BLM), the Department of Lands, and the local Soil and Water Conservation District to educate the public on community wildfires before they happen, while they happen, and after they happen.

They are bringing in Tyre Holfeltz as the guest speaker because he helps communities with wildfire reduction, how to prevent wildfires, and how they start. Part of the class will be learning about grants and what is available out there to help clean up property to lessen fire possibilities. The FSA will have information there on crop land that is destroyed during wildfires. The presentation will also be open to questions.

Please come and support the Fire Department in this effort to make the community more aware of wildfires and the dangers that they present.

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