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Bear Lake County Building Inspector Wayne Davidson provided the County Commissioners with an updated 2021 permit report organized by city or area during their regular meeting on Monday, December 13, 2021. As expected, Fish Haven generates more building permits than any other area of the County; a total of 70 since the beginning of the year with a permit revenue of $61,657.96 which approaches half of the revenue received from permitting County-wide. Of the 70 permits issued, 35 were for new residences with permit fees exceeding $1,000 each. Fish Haven also “takes the cake” with respect to the most expensive new residential permit at $2,631.12 which was issued in August.

Montpelier is second in terms of permits issued at 46. Of those, the County’s largest municipality had the single-most expensive permit at $2,741.80 for a commercial construction project commenced in mid-July. With a total permit revenue approaching $20,000, Montpelier competes with St. Charles for the second-most revenue generated from all permit types.

Paris and St. Charles vie for the honors of the third-most permits issued. Paris boasted 32 permits, edging out St. Charles who had 30 in that category. Paris also saw three new residential permits, one of which was issued at $1,575.28. In comparison, St. Charles had a total of 10 new residential permits issued and revenue across all permit types of $19,917.63, almost quadrupling Paris’ total revenue of $5,454.22. It should be noted that St. Charles’ totals encompass the city limits plus the area surrounding Bear Lake’s north and eastern shores in addition to the County property south of its jurisdiction to the northern edge of The Reserve. The Reserve lies within the Fish Haven area for permit purposes, as do all other properties along the western periphery of Bear Lake to the Idaho/Utah stateline.

Overall, revenue to the County from permits issued thus far in 2021 was $126,868.70 and the major permit type focused on new residences with 71 such permits issued throughout the County. Of note, Paris has begun issuing short-term rental permits and has issued five for a total permit revenue of $200 from rental properties within its jurisdiction.

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