The Bear Lake County Commissioners met on July 29 at 3 PM to hold a work meeting for the next budget cycle. (For details on this process, please visit the county website for the meeting minutes). This was followed by another short work session to discuss the official county roads map at 6 PM. Lon Tueller was present to offer his knowledge and experience to the road map process, and had a few requests in certain areas, including keeping one road in Geneva as a county road or right-of-way for access purposes.

Chairman Vaughn Rasmussen stated the board would likely hold approximately 3 workshops, covering the map in sections to receive citizen input on those areas. These workshops are tentative for September, October, and November, after which the board may finalize the map in December and hold a public hearing in January. They also discussed the definitions of County Roads versus County Right-of-Ways, both of which are public roads. The difference is that for a right-of-way, the county (as defined by Idaho Code) “has no obligation to fund or maintain” it. For more information, please visit the county website at, or call either the County Clerk’s office at (208) 945-2212, or the County Superintendent at (208) 847-4259.