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{span}Jordan Sparks Owner, {/span}{span}KJ Anderson, {/span}{span}Amber Christansen, {/span}{span}Mickie Sparks, {/span}{span}Shelbee Kunz, {/span}

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by Stephanie Wubben

Had anyone asked me the definition of talent, I too could have given them the same boring answer, but that was before last Wednesday when I decided to stop in and check our newest business in downtown Montpelier.

“Creative Crafters” is the name. They are located at 904 Washington St., next door to Zions Bank.

Jordyn Sparks is the business owner and manager.

Jordyn isn’t just a business owner or business manager. She is many things on a given day!

Jordyn is not only a mom and a wife and a caring friend with a concept to not just better her own life and share her talents but also allow other Bear Lakers the same opportunities.

“Creative Crafters” is like having six or seven stores with the potential to add additional display areas for more artists who create products to display and sell...

This store is a great way for talented locals to be seen in the community and earn additional income by selling their products.

Currently, Jordyn displays the work and products of 11 other people besides herself. Jordyn enjoys creating custom tumblers and mugs as well as t-shirts, puzzles, or anything she can print on. No challenge is too tough for Jordyn, you name it, she can do it. And if she can’t, she’ll find a way, or she’ll find someone who can.

As you walk through the store, you find something different on every shelf in every section, and some vendors are good at more than one art form. If I were to share everything I saw, this would be a full-page article, so I’ll get to the point.

Those currently displaying products are the following: Owner, Jordyn Sparks, Charlotte Marx, Danielle McCoy, Marsha Sorter, Mickie Sparks, KJ Anderson, Ashley Millard, Shelbee Kunz, Bobette Christiansen, Amy Lodbrok, Amber Christensen, and Cody Ochsenbein.

There are more to come, so it only has the potential to get better and better.

It’s like having our own little Art Fair/talent show in town all year long.

Jordan is excited to watch her business grow and help those who have entrusted her with promoting their art/products.

If ever there were a reason to work together and support locals, this is it!

Bear Lakers are the best at helping each other out in the community, so please stop in and visit Jordyn and any other vendor who might be working that day. Even if a vendor is unavailable, Jordyn is very well-informed on each person’s product.

You can find additional information about “Creative Crafters” on Facebook or by contacting Jordyn personally at 208-530-8865 or stop in; you won’t be disappointed.

I really thought I could write this with an open mind, but I will tell you this, I did not escape without spending money! Odds are you won’t either.

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