Broulim’s in Montpelier, ID

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Broulim’s in Montpelier, like other Broulim’s stores in southeastern Idaho, is transitioning to online ordering and curbside pickup. They have already had a few orders, and it is working.

According to Dan at Broulim’s, “E-commerce is so big, and so by doing this on that level here, it will make it better for people. It’s a convenience thing.”

Broulim’s is partnering with “Rosie” to offer online grocery shopping from any device. Just go online to and set up an account in your name; then start shopping! You can do this through Broulim’s phone app as well. Everything in Broulim’s physical store is available online. New customers are eligible for a $10 credit.

We will be launching this service exclusively with curbside pickup for just a $1.99 – watch for online shopping discount codes on the Broulim’s website.

Each order you place goes into a virtual shopping cart that will be read by a Broulim’s “picker.” Then that “picker” will physically pick up each item in your order and bag it and put it into a cart for you to pick up curbside at your designated time. When your order is complete, you will receive a text from the picker that your order is complete and ready for pickup along with the final charge. When you arrive for pickup, you will have reserved spaces for parking from where you can place a call to the store, and your picker will bring your order out to you.

Their motto is “You shop, we bag, and you pick it up at a time that works for you.” There are designated time slots for pickup of your groceries, so you just pick either the next available time slot, or you pick another available time slot.

There is a minimum of $30 for each order.s standpoint.

When you place your order online, the program retains your order in an “Orders” section for future reference. It also has a “List” section which retains your most often ordered items. This makes it easy when you place future orders to just re-order the same orders or the same items. They have done everything they can to make it very convenient for everyone.

Also, they are being very careful to monitor quality. They are committed to pick the very best items for you. For example, the pickers have been told to pick only the best apples, or potatoes, or meat. They will be very conscientious about what they put in your bags. For items such as fresh produce as well as fresh meat, you will be asked to include a weight or quality note with your order. Also, your picker will call with a suggested substitute if an item is not available. If your order has many items that may have substitutes, you will be able to leave notes such as “go ahead and substitute the closest item” or “do not substitute.”

The whole program is geared toward helping people out. It will help mothers who have young children come after school and pick up an order. It will help those who are sick or who have health problems to call and have an order ready for pick up either by themselves or someone else. Cokeville and other areas beyond a 10-mile radius are expected to benefit the most from this service.

Questions about the online shopping and pickup can be asked of Chad McDonald, directly at the ecommerce phone line or any friendly Broulim’s team member at 208-241-4014.

Broulim’s is also hoping to turn this into a delivery service in the future.

With the COVID-19 virus still circulating in the country, curbside pickup is an excellent choice for those with health concerns. Broulim’s understands their customers’ concerns with health and will do their best to work with their customers.

Dan says, “We just love the valley and want to make it convenient for the people to stay home and shop and have a great experience, and we want to make it as easy as possible. But we want to make sure they are served as well.”

Take advantage of the curbside service at Broulim’s. Let Broulim’s serve you. Go online to and place your order today. You won’t regret it!

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