Don’t believe the news when they tell you how bad things are, yes, things are bad, Republicans and Democrats are fighting each other and this whole impeachment thing is creating a huge stir. But, our country has seen worse, history has seen worse.

In the US, blood was spilt on several occasions leading up to the Civil War, and several times after that as well. Most are familiar with that, but I want to give an example from the 1600s in Europe. Cornelis and his brother Johan de Witt were members of a pro-Republic faction in the Netherlands and were lynched by a mob of Orangists (supporters of a monarchy).

After serving in both the government and military Cornelis and his brother were mobbed in the street, kicked, beaten, and stabbed to death. Stripped of their clothes, dragged through the streets, and hung by their ankles in the town square. Then the members of the Orangist faction cut off pieces of their flesh and sold them door to door through the town. Their hearts were either (depending on the source) eaten by the mob, or placed on the mantle of the opposition leaders home as trophies. All because of political differences. See, politics in the US isn’t that bad and hopefully never will be.

With that, the results of November 5ths elections. Montpelier City Council will keep Dan Fisher, Bobbi Leonhardt, and Steve Allred. I will be joining them as the only new member. No lies, I wasn’t expecting as many absentee ballots to be cast for me, thank you to those who did vote for me. I easily doubled the number of votes I was expecting to get.

Bloomington and Georgetown had uncontested elections, Shawn Turner and Rich Kearl will both be serving on the Bloomington City Council, while Deloy Kunz and Tee Steadmen will both be serving in Georgetown. Paris will have Brad Wilks as mayor and three city council members, Kelly Jensen and Conner Lutz in the 4 year positions, and Jeanna Matthews in the 2 year position. St. Charles will have Alan Michaelson as mayor and Dallas Arnell and Jess Johnson as city council members.

The most interesting race, and the one that I was most curious about was the School Board race for the seat in Zone 1. We had Kade Grunig and Richard Smart vying for the position with Richard Smart winning 90 to 49. The other seat in Zone 2 was uncontested so by law it wasn’t on the ballot, meaning that Kendell Roberts will be representing Zone 2 continuing after his initial appointment a couple months ago. They will join Angie Grunig, Paul Alleman, and Colby Romrell in January.

The important thing to realize is that when we have disagreements we can come together and work together to get things done. We don’t have blood in the streets and we don’t want blood in the streets. As George Washington said in his farewell letter, “The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.” Then 4 years later as Thomas Jefferson said in his commencement address, “We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.” After elections we need to leave the election behind us and work together.

Charles Horikami is a Social Studies Teacher at BLMS, and the Legislative District 32 Chair for the Idaho State Republican Party. The views expressed are not representative of the BLSD or of the Idaho State Republican Party. He can be contacted at and welcomes all comments and critiques.

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