Music Man

Float for the Music Man play at the Fourth of July parade.

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Fourth of July Celebrations felt a little like “ the good old days,” you know, before COVID.

There were two Chuckwagon Breakfasts, Paris City and Montpelier Rotary club, the Paris Patriotic program, inspiring, as usual, the Paris Parade, Youth Rodeo, and fireworks at Allinger Park that night.

It sounds like about 1800 people ate the traditional sausage, egg, pancakes, and hash brown breakfast .

The Patriotic program honored our servicemen and women.

The parade had 40 plus entries, with the theme being “All things Patriotic.”

The Grand Prize went to the Bear Lake Arts Council. The Commercial category winners were 1st place Triple T Trash Bin Cleaning, 2nd place Petals of Paris. Family: 1st Jerry & Janet Erkelens (BL Monster) 2nd Jessica Whitaker. Horses: 1st Bear Lake County Royalty, 2nd Bear Lake County Sheriff, Youth: 1st Bear Lake Majors Baseball Team, 2nd Bear Lake Middle School Cheer,

Old Vehicles: 1st Ireland Bank, 2nd Richard Droesbeke (57 Dodge). Community: 1st #37 Firetruck (Shot Water)

2nd Bear Lake Rim Riders.

We heard several youths got to take an animal home from the rodeo, and the fireworks made the Rotary Club proud.

Thanks to all of those that attended and those that worked to present the day to our community. Hours of planning and practice are necessary to have pulled it all off. Thanks again for a “Normal” day.

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