Rabbit in rowboat

sale season!

Garage sales offer bargains, great deals and the chance of finding the most awesome crazy stuff. Economical decorating options, great clothes for a fraction of the price and occasionally hidden treasures can also be found. It has been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that is precisely what draws people to garage sales.

Television has cashed in on shows like pickers, flippers, and restores, making garage sales, yard sales and flea markets more popular than ever. People are beginning to see the benefit of restoring furniture, repurposing broken items into now useful items while others enjoy the idea of helping stop the flow of things into the landfills. Some garage sale enthusiasts have made extra cash flipping their finds and supplementing their income. Flipping has become big business. So what is valuable and what isn’t? Simple research can determine what can bring in extra cash. Take a photo of an item then look it up on the internet and find out its value. It is surprising as to what some things are worth. A hard to find glass mixing bowl from the 1950s is currently worth over $4000. Yes, four thousand dollars. So what does this bowl look like? Put your research skills to the test and find out. I venture to guess someone in the valley may have one!

It is mostly women who get up at the crack of dawn in hopes of finding the best stuff first, and occasionally men will if the chance of tools or hunting items presents itself. Armed with maps, a warm beverage and a fist full of cash they are on the move and more than ready to take those unwanted items off their neighbor’s hands! Early birds are sometimes warned to stay away but can be seen lurking in the wee hours trying to catch a glimpse of what is being offered.

Bartering on the price is almost as exciting as finding the item. Nothing is as exciting as getting something for a reasonable price and then being able to negotiate the price even lower. When this happens protocol dictates that the purchaser takes photos of the item and quickly uploaded them to Facebook to share their good fortune and picking skills with everyone.

Garage sales can also be a step back in time, a blast from the past if you will. Vintage items and antiques are all the rage now, and many times they offer rich stories from the past that many sellers are happy to share. Take this opportunity to get to know more about your neighbors.

Prices today seem to be higher than ever, making decorating a home quite costly. Garage sales are an excellent place for new homeowners, apartment renters and college students to furnish and decorate their new housing. Admit it, displaying that cast iron rabbit in a rowboat filled with jelly beans at Easter is much more exciting and desirable than displaying that wicker basket picked from the towering stack at the store. Older or unique items often ensure that the decor in your home will be one of a kind and not mass produced like items found in big box stores, which many decorators find refreshing.

Garage sale season isn’t that long so take advantage of it. Spring clean your home and make some extra cash or go to a local garage sale and save money on a few items and if you’re lucky you might even find a cast iron rabbit in a rowboat worth over $300!