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Georgetown City held its monthly council meeting on Oct. 6, 2020. All members of the board were present.

Chairman Steve Waechtler called the meeting to order. One item was added to the agenda.

The first item on the agenda was Kathy Ray, Regional Economic Professional, Southeast Idaho Rural Partner, who spoke to the council regarding the possibility of Georgetown City applying for an evaluation for economic development. The application alone can cost from $3,000 to $4,000, and the event costs from $3,000 to $9,000. They take no more than three to four cases per year. Ms. Ray told them they can ask for sponsors to help offset the costs. The council said they will look into it.

Next, Resolution #2020-1, Permit Fees, was discussed. The city is looking at increasing the building permit fees to $50 for basic additions such as porches and decks, $150 for new construction outside such as a garage or shed, and $250 for total new construction such as a new house. A public hearing to discuss this matter will be held in the next city council meeting on Nov. 10.

Clerk Lynette Smith and Shane Clark then brought up the fact that there used to be an ordinance stating that headstones in the new part of the cemetery have to be flat for maintenance purposes. However, no ordinance could be found, so they were asking if the council wanted to enforce the ordinance or not. The council decided they may look into putting a 1- to 2-inch base around the headstones for easier maintenance such as trimming and also putting it into ordinance. At this point, however, there is no ordinance.

It was discussed that some people are still worried about their children trick-or-treating due to COVID-19. Therefore, the council decided they will promote a city-wide “trunk-or-treat.” They feel this will encourage kids to be safer than going from home to home.

Due to the fact that the next normal council meeting date falls on Nov. 3, which is voting day, the date for the next Georgetown City Council meeting will be Nov. 10.

Secretary Marty Nate brought up the fact that too many cars and trucks are parking in front of the church and at the bottom of the canyon to share rides to work at the mines. When they park in front of the church, it does not leave enough parking for funerals. The city is going to look into asking Simplot workers if they will help put in a park-and-ride area at the bottom of the canyon so it doesn’t conflict with the church or the city.

Councilman DeLoy Kunz mentioned that Secretary Nate has been having difficulty in finding funding for the new speed signs the city wants to put up. She is hoping to find funding similar to what Lava was able to get from the State for their speed signs but may have to go a different route.

Councilman Greg Kunz said he would like to have the line painted down Stringtown Lane since it was chip sealed. Councilman DeLoy Kunz will look into asking HK Contractors to do it while they are working on the Georgetown Summit, or possibly someone who does parking lots rather than someone who would cost more.

Councilman Steadman mentioned there is a Chevy truck up Stringtown Lane that needs to be moved because it is an eyesore and does not adhere to the ordinance to be off-road. Snow will be coming soon and they will not be able to plow around it. Officer Martinez will speak to the owners regarding moving the vehicle.

In the Police Report, there were 28 contacts in the month of September. Officer Martinez’s radio is outdated already. The county can’t get hold of him when he is in Georgetown. Chief Roper donated a radio to Officer Martinez that Montpelier got through a grant so the county can contact him and check on him. Otherwise, if the county can’t check on him, they dispatch someone for his safety. The city also wants Officer Martinez to come to Georgetown and monitor during school hours because there are a lot of speeders during those hours.

In the Maintenance Report, Shane dug three graves, hung new flags around the city, posted new signs and put a handicapped sign in front of City Hall, and placed fencing up to the water tanks in the month of September. Kevin Martin of Sunrise Engineering is working on SCADA alarms which will let the city know when water levels in the tank get too low. Kevin will also be presenting some mapping that will better show where all the valves and pipes are in the city. The city is also looking into getting a 1-ton dump truck. They would consolidate some other vehicles and sell them to help pay for the truck.

In the Office Report for September, the city had 13 delinquent water and sewer accounts. There will be two garbage dumpsters brought in for the Fall Cleanup on Oct. 17. Also, the clerk needs a new printer that will print legal size, and Shane needs a printer for his office. City Hall needs a booster because since the new siding was put on it does not receive good service. For security purposes, they are checking into lock options and possibly some remodeling and putting in a second door. Nothing has been determined yet.

Checks and vouchers were signed, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

The next meeting will be held Nov. 10.

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