Georgetown City Council

Councilwoman Marty Nate, and Councilmen Greg Kunz, Tee Steadman, and Deloy Kunz

Georgetown City Council held their monthly meeting Feb. 4 in the Georgetown City Hall. All council members were present with the exception of Mayor Steve Waechtler.

The meeting was called to order by Councilman Greg Kunz. The agenda was approved, but it was noted that Doug Thompson was not in attendance so the Maintenance Report would not be given, and Kevin Martin of Sunrise Engineering would not be in attendance either, so the update on the Water Improvement Project would be tabled until the next meeting. Dog Order #97 would also not be discussed because it had not been submitted in final form.

The minutes from the Jan. 7, 2020, meeting were read by Clerk Lynette Smith and approved by the council with the exception of two changes. In the portion reporting the Water Improvement Project by Kevin Martin, the verbiage “river crossing” would need to be changed to “creek,” and a drug test would need to be added to the New Hire Policy.

ICRMP’s servicing agent Bret Kunz was in attendance to explain to the council members that he has terminated his contract with Nield’s, Inc., and contracted directly with ICRMP. That means the Georgetown City’s insurance has defaulted directly back to Nield’s, Inc., as their insurance agent. If they want Bret to remain as their agent, they have to sign a paper indicating as much. Councilman Kunz told Bret that Mayor Waechtler had a concern because of the recent issue the city had when the chlorinator building “settled” and it took several months for ICRMP to settle the claim with them. Mayor Waechtler also felt that Bret had not given the city enough support to get the claim paid. Bret explained that first and foremost, the agent is not to get involved when dealing with a claim; that the agent doesn’t know the policies enough to be involved. It should be left with the claims adjustor. The agent only gets involved when the client has a problem and thinks the company isn’t being fair to them. He went on to explain that insurance is for something that is sudden and accidental, not craftsmanship. The issue the city had with the chlorinator building was due to “settling,” which is excluded. But the claims adjustor was able to fit it under the category of “earthquake” because of the recent earthquakes that had happened in the area. So, he explained that they were actually very well taken care of. Bret was then asked what exactly ICRMP stands for. He explained it stands for Idaho County’s Risk Management Program and that it was put in place to insure public entities, such as Bear Lake County’s Public Health. Most of the municipalities in the state of Idaho are insured under it, except the ones that can be self-insured. He went on to explain that if they sign the contract, it continues “as is.” Then the question was asked as to how long the existing policy is good for, and Clerk Smith answered that it expires in April of 2020. Bret informed them that no more work can be done until the paper is signed, and it has to be signed by Feb. 15. Councilman Kunz said that he would talk to Mayor Waechtler and that he would probably be able to sign it the next morning.

Councilman Kunz reported that the Backhoe Agreement is still working fine with the irrigation company. The City of Georgetown paid 51 percent to purchase the backhoe, and the irrigation company paid 49 percent. That way the city didn’t have to purchase a backhoe outright. The agreement is that the irrigation company can use it, but the City has controlling interest. The issue was tabled until the March meeting when they have decided who will be running the backhoe.

Regarding the Employee Policy and the Vehicle Use Policy, it was noted that both policies have not been updated since they were put in place under Mayor Van Cleave. After some discussion on the issues, it was decided that since Councilman Deloy Kunz hadn’t seen the policies yet, the subject would be tabled until March’s meeting

In Office Business, there were 20 delinquent water accounts in January, and a couple of accounts that have been shut off.

Under the Police Report, there were 11 citations in the month of January and 14 warnings. Officer Martinez was able to get new tires on the police car. Recently he has begun experiencing problems with the wiring on the lights/radio system. He will be having them fixed within the next few days.

Councilwoman Marty Nate reminded Clerk Smith that Primary Elections are coming up on March 10, and another election will be May 19. Clerk Smith mentioned that Circuit Breakers will be in Georgetown March 12. Councilwoman Nate also asked the council what date they wanted to have the Twin Creeks Days celebration, and they deferred to her on that. She is also still wanting to have the summer movies in the park, which they also gave her indication that she can do.

The last item of business was signing of checks and vouchers for January’s bills, after which they were approved.

The meeting was then adjourned until the next meeting on March 3 at 7 p.m. in the Georgetown City Hall.

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