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Georgetown City Council held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

As an addition to the agenda, it was discussed that Larilynn Smith would like to add a carport to her driveway. The council approved the addition as long as she is consistent with the existing ordinance that the carport stays uniform and stays out of the right of way or setback. This is true for anyone in town, whether it is in the main part of town or up Stringtown Lane.

The Zoning Ordinance was tabled for another time.

Several people from the public were in attendance to voice their concerns regarding the Animal Control Ordinance. It is the general consensus of the Board that Georgetown is an agricultural community and they want it to stay that way. Secretary Marty Nate said they don’t want to manage people and their animals and they are leery of people and responsible dog owners. The Ordinance was tabled until another meeting.

Susan Dilworth appeared in place of Curtis McKinney to discuss Emergency Preparedness. They will be getting fliers out to everyone’s houses and she asked the City for help with the cost of copies, laminating, and other costs. They will be re-installing a block captain system because the existing one hasn’t been used for four to five years. They will also be holding meetings at the LDS church building to make 72-hour kits and first aid kits available for sale to the community. The Council approved $250 for Emergency Preparedness supplies.

Loren Dilworth wants to build a house on Solumn Lane, east of the Dilworth property. He has been in contact with the Army Corps of Engineers due to the fact that he will have to cross under a creek bed in the area where he wants to build. The Council approved the permit on the condition that the Corps of Engineers approves their permit.

A public hearing was set to be held at the next meeting, Tuesday, May 4, to review the Temporary Use Permit for Fee Resolution. It has been proposed that the fee be increased from $25 to $500.

Twin Creeks Days in Georgetown has been scheduled for July 10 and Secretary Marty Nate and her committee are moving forward with preparations. There will be a movie night the night before and veterans in the area have been invited to help raise the flag the morning of the celebration. There will be a lunch that day and dinner that evening with a possible talent show.

Cleanup days in Georgetown have been set for the weekend of April 30 and May 1. There will be two cans and one metal container.

A Budget Hearing Date has been set for Sept. 7.

Rather than being held in the LDS church gymnasium, elections will be held in the City Hall on May 8.

Mayor Waechtler spoke regarding the fact that Georgetown’s Facebook page has been used for complaints and misinformation. He said this page is to be used to post information about the city only. He also reported that Simplot will help pay for some traffic control along Stringtown Lane.

Officer Martinez had 25 contacts in the month of March.

Shane dug one grave in the month of March. He has also been cleaning up the park to prepare for spring and summer and has put away the plow. The SCADA system for the water tank broke down the end of March so it hasn’t been in use for two weeks. However, they have been working on getting it restored. Shane repaired a water leak and is preparing for a cremation this week.

There were 13 delinquent water accounts in the month of March. The City will be hand delivering delinquent notices and posting them on doors.

The Council wants to offer to hold a parade again this year for graduating seniors.

Checks and vouchers were signed for March’s bills and the meeting was adjourned.

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