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Georgetown City Council held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Jan. 5. All council members were present with the exception of Greg Kunz.

The meeting was called to Order by Chairman Steve Waechtler.

The first item of business was the issue of whether or not to retain Bret Kunz as Georgetown City’s agent through ICRMP. Chairman Waechtler feels Mr. Kunz should be the City’s go-between person; that he should be the liaison between the City and the insurance company, especially regarding claims. However, he feels Mr. Kunz has not been available to “go to bat” for the City, especially on a recent claim the City submitted to ICRMP.

Mr. Kunz feels there was miscommunication or misunderstanding. He claims ICRMP doesn’t want their agents involved in claims because they “muddy the waters.” He feels Georgetown City’s perception of ICRMP and his responsibility is wrong.

Chairman Waechtler also stated they were told ICRMP was the only insurance company the City could use for their insurance, which they have found out is wrong. Because of this, the City is looking at hiring another insurance company and another agent.

The dump truck has been up for bid, and one bid was received from Eric Jensen for $1,100. It was agreed the City would accept that bid.

Chairman Waechtler will list the side-by-side truck for sale, and Shane will list the truck for sale. Shane will also list the old police car for sale. The old service truck will be for sale as well. It was listed for bid, but a bid was not received.

The council then reviewed draft Zoning and Animal Control ordinances. As far as the Zoning Ordinance, it was discussed whether or not to require those who want to build new residential homes to purchase no less than one-half acre lots. A bigger setback from the property line was also discussed. The required setback is now 20 feet, and the Council would like it to be 30 feet. The Council is concerned that people don’t have enough acreage or room to park their vehicles or “toys” and that lots become “cluttered.” At the same time, they are concerned people can have lots that are too big to take care of. Keep in mind, this zoning ordinance is still in draft form and will be discussed further.

In discussion of the Animal ordinance, also in draft form, Councilman Greg Kunz was contacted by phone so he could take part in the discussion. Acreage for animals, how many feet animals can be from a city street, and how many feet animals can be from a dwelling were taken into consideration, among other items. There were animals discussed that possibly can’t be within city limits at all. The biggest thing the Council wants to keep in mind is the need to have an ordinance to protect animals because Georgetown is an agricultural community. The ordinance will be discussed further.

In Around the Board, Councilman Tee Steadman mentioned he wants to add a couple more bays onto the shed to be able to park more vehicles.

Secretary Marty Nate said she would like Shane to reach out to Officer Martinez to let him know when funerals take place so he can be in the City to stop traffic. She would also like to start remodeling inside City Hall, mostly under the big window in front where the paneling hasn’t been replaced.

The Police Report indicated 25 contacts for the month of December.

Shane Clark gave the Maintenance Report indicating he and Doug Thompson had received training twice in person in Soda Springs and twice virtually. They also have more graves to dig. The SCADA water alarm system was installed, and Shane will be able to monitor it via satellite from the shop during the winter months. Also, a notice was sent out in the mail that they will meet to get the seepage test done on the wells this summer. He will put bids out to contact engineers regarding the testing. He also fixed a water leek on Hayes Lane.

Clerk Lynette Smith reported there were 17 delinquent water and sewer accounts in the month of December. Also, new dog tags have arrived in the office and are due by March. She will be getting the W-2s and 1099s out later this month.

She also reported the Georgetown City Facebook page has been changed so that only she can post on it. Unfortunately, it has been getting out of hand with comments and posts and has not been very friendly. From now on it will be “information only,” and if people want or need to ask questions, they can call Lynette directly.

Lynette also reported the COVID grant was approved for the portion which includes Officer Martinez’s salary reimbursement.

Checks and vouchers were signed, and the meeting was then adjourned.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 7 p.m.

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