Good Guy Satellite is a small business owned and operated by Erik Pyper. He’s been helping people understand their options in the somewhat confusing satellite TV industry for over a decade.

He is a full-service retailer for both Dish Network and Directv. His goal and focus have always been to help potential customers get what they want, and need, when it comes to their technology. He prides himself in understanding upcoming changes to promotions and programming, as well as any new technology and how it might affect the customer.

Erik hopes to help people understand the best fit for their wants, rather than upselling them a ton of other products. With many of the changes coming to smart home products and their connectivity with the home, he is also a NEST pro and can help with doorbells, smart thermostats, and cameras. Additionally, if you are having any issues with devices connecting to the internet, he can help you install products like a new mesh router system to boost your home internet coverage to your entire property and give you the ability to limit or restrict devices as well. Erik has been doing installs for over 14 years and is knowledgeable on how to get the most out of your services and technology.

Especially during the next few months, Erik will be meeting with potential customers in person if they wish to discuss the changes that are happening with Direct Communication and cable TV. Many in the valley are nervous and unsure as to the changes and their options.

Good Guy Satellite will be helping whomever to get the best option for their needs, whether it be with streaming or with a satellite TV provider. Customers will be allowed to keep their existing internet services with Direct Communications if they wish in addition to TV with Dish or Directv.

For example, streaming is a great way to access unique and exclusive content but has limitations with live sports and recording content. So if you want to watch the Jazz or most live sports, it might not be the best primary option for your needs. And these are types of things Erik goes over in person.

Good Guy Satellite has a philosophy of trying to treat and help every customer like they’re a family member. If you have any questions about what your options are with these changes, or if you have questions about your existing services, feel free to call or text Erik at 208-757-1362. His website is, and if you wish to reach him by email, it’s He would love to chat with you in person or over the phone, whichever you prefer.

Erik’s in-laws, Max Bunderson and Christy Jensen, live in Paris. Erik has been servicing customers in Bear Lake Valley for over a decade. He and his wife Megan have two young boys ages 4 and 7 months.

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