Bear Lake ServiceAthon

Bear Lake High School students cleaned out the module at the Bear Lake Middle school as part of their Service-a-thon.

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Tuesday, October 6th marked the 5th annual Bear Lake High School Service-a-thon. This year, as in the last several years, students from the high school set out across the school and the whole valley to complete some much-needed projects.

Projects this year spanned from window washing at AJ to highway clean up, moving costumes and props out of the old city hall for the Arts Council, cleaning old desks and computers from an old modular at the middle school, painting playground equipment at Paris Elementary, cleaning at the Oregon Trail Center, painting different areas around the school, moving boxes and weeding flower beds at the hospital, painting curbs around Montpelier, and more.

The Service-a-thon has given students the opportunity to give back to the community that has given them so much. The students also seem to enjoy the projects they do.

Sophomore Elsie Johnson said, “We picked up trash on the highway in Georgetown.” And sophomore Erika Hoge added, “It was super fun because we go to help the environment and make an impact.”

The projects that were done this year were chosen by teachers, students, and the community. Giving students the opportunity to choose the service they do helps them not only give back to the community but to recognize where service needs to be done in our community.

In the past, the students would solicit donations from people outside of the community, and the money was given to the high school to help fund projects as well as to fill needs that are unmet due to strained budgets. However, this year the students just worked for the community, and they felt very good about that.

“I am so proud of our high school students and their willingness to serve our community,” said Principal Luke Kelsey. “I love this tradition and the pride our students and stafe take in it. If you happen to run into a high school student, stop them and ask them what project they worked on for the service-a-thon and thank them.”

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