BLMH Board

Bear Lake Hospital Board of Trustees

The Bear Lake Memorial Board of Trustees held its regular November meeting on November 26.

All members were present, including County Commissioner Vaughn Rasumussen.

The meeting was called to order and the members were welcomed by Chair Cordell Passey.

Board Education was given as a Powerpoint presentation on Cybersecurity by Leslie Crane. The hospital has made many network improvements due to a recent network cyber attack. In November, they kicked off something called the Hiscox Cyber Academy which will educate employees both old and new on the new strategies that have been implemented.

The board reported on their monthly rounding. Chair Cordell Passey met with Lois Woolstenhulme to see if the board can assist her in any way. She feels she has a good staff to work with and is doing a fantastic job.

Craig Culver met with Nate in the IT Department who said he is a little frustrated but is being patient. He feels good about what they have learned and feels secure about moving forward. Craig feels better after meeting with him.

Emily Transtrum met with Lynette Williams. She had never met with her before and said it was fun to meet with her and the techs she works with. They are downsizing their inventory and getting organized. She showed Emily the towers that organize the medications and supplies. In the upcoming years they are planning on getting possibly two additional towers and systems, one in the ER in a secure spot so things won’t walk off and inventory won’t be disrupted. She would like a button at her desk to open the door though. She is starting a committee on anti-microbial stewardship that will hopefully be up and running in the new year with a mission statement and a commitment statement.

Laurie Harrison met with Brandy in Infection Control and Risk Management who said she is receiving good training and learning a lot. She said her biggest challenge is getting employees to get their flu shots.

Maxine Matthews met with Angel DeClark and is amazed at how well she has moved into her new job like she has done it for years. She is over all the nurses and is in need of starting to rotate some of the computers, but does an amazing job.

The People’s Choice Award Nominee for October 2019 was Leslie Crane, and for November 2019 was Tracy Hayes. Those recognized for their years of service were: Dr. Trevor Jacobson (5 years), Shayla Boehme (5 years), Dr. Kerry Jepsen (10 years), Daysha Steadman (10 years), Alex Moss (15 years), and Shandee Jensen (20 years).

The minutes from October were approved with no amendments.

Leslie Crane gave the financial report. October was a nice month with an overall gross revenue of $442 million, both patient and non-patient.

The Foundation Report was given by Tracy Park. They have $720,000 pledged or received toward their goal of raising $2.5 million. They are excited for this coming year where they hope to raise an additional $900,000 toward the remaining $1.8 million, and then the final $900,000 in 2021 as they complete the project. They are seeking grants, donations, and support through their events. They will be doing the Ultimate Bear Laker again this year, along with events like Trivia Night, Salmon BBQ, and a Golf Tournament. Their cause (project) is to renovate the emergency rooms, emergency waiting area, covered ambulance bay, imaging areas, and bring in a permanent MRI machine.

There were no changes in the Strategic Plan. It was reviewed at the retreat.

The Report from the Safety and Quality Committee was given by Mindy Ward. They came in under average on citations with a total of 7, the average number in Idaho being 9.5, and the average in the U.S. being 9.2 They had no complaints in the surveys and the nurses’ morals are really up.

Craig Culver reported the bad debt in the amount of $114,593.38 for September and October and the budget amendment for 2019 of $116,000.

According to Leslie Crane, the finance committee reviewed the 2020 budget and patient revenue is estimated to be $42,884,202 with deductions from revenue being $(15,316,934) + $196,000 and net revenue being $27,567,267 for a total operating revenue of $410,017 and a net income of $166,023.

Trecia Sparks will give the Compliance Report in January.

There was no Scholarship Report this month.

Under Credentialing, Request to Submit Application is Mark Cowan, M.D., and Glen Robertson, M.D., and under Initial Application is Mel Bingham, P.A. Under Direct Radiology is Faranak Sadri Tafazoli, M.D., John Heighway, M.D., and Anthony Willis, M.D.

The Home Health Stats and Scorecard are up this month.

The Annual Compliance Policy Review will be given in December.

New CEO Mike Brauer spoke about strategic goals.

In the CEO Update, Make Brauer spoke about the wellness program that has been implemented with the employees through Active Health where the reward is tied to the premium. The premiums for this next year went up 90 percent, but for those who participate, the 90 percent will be absorbed by the hospital.

He talked about Value-Based Care, and he also said that the dialysis survey they had recently went pretty well overall.

Dr. Jepsen was excused and it was noted there were no issues from the medical staff. He participated in a Med Staff Retreat the previous weak which went really well. Feedback from the doctors was positive.

In Round the Board, Craig Culver mentioned that the students being mentored can’t say enough about Medical Minds.

Commissioner Rasmussen mentioned that he appreciates what everyone does.

Chair Cordell Passey said that it is nice to see all the coordination happen; not just words, but action. People are not just sitting back and not seeing what needs to be done. People are getting things done.

There will be no board meeting in December. The next meeting will be January 28, 2020.

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