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Officials from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) would like to encourage boaters to boat responsibly when on the water this summer and “Mind Your Wake.”

“Boaters passing too closely to other boats, docks and shorelines have been generating complaints in many parts of the state the past few years,” says David Dahms, IDPR Boating Program Manager.

In an effort to help educate boaters and encourage responsible boating, IDPR is reminding boaters that state law prohibits operation of a boat greater than no wake (or 5 m.p.h.) while within 100 feet of a dock, swimmer, or other person in the water. Valley and Kootenai Counties have recently passed local ordinances that expand the no wake zone on local waters.

All boat operators are encouraged to be courteous and responsible and make sure that the wakes produced do not impact other boats and paddle craft like kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards. Those boat operators that cause damaging wakes or endanger the safety of others can be cited or even arrested under state law. County Marine Deputies have the authority to stop unsafe boat operators on the water and take appropriate law enforcement action if necessary.

Dahms states that all boat operators should be mindful of the impact of the wakes they produce and be respectful of other boaters and shoreline property owners. All boat operators are encouraged to take a boating safety course to become more familiar with Idaho boating laws. Visit for more information on courses and boating safety.

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