Banida Mountain Lion

On July 18, a young male mountain lion ran up a tree in a public park in Banida, Idaho, after being spooked out of some cover on an adjacent property by a landowner and his dog. The healthy mountain lion was tranquilized and transported to a remote location in southeast Idaho where it was released. Photo courtesy Cody Allen, IDFG.

On July 18, Idaho Department of Fish and Game personnel removed a mountain lion from a public park in the small community of Banida in Franklin County.

At approximately 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, Fish and Game conservation officers responded to a report of a mountain lion in a tree in a 3-acre park in Banida. The cat had been spooked out of some cover by a landowner who was bailing hay on an adjacent property. The landowner reported that his German shepherd was acting antsy, running back and forth. He had suspected the dog had possibly found a skunk or some other small animal in the field.

It wasn’t until the landowner saw the mountain lion jump the fence and run up a tree in the neighboring park that he realized what his dog was so excited about. He immediately reported the incident to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office which made the call to Fish and Game.

Fish and Game conservation officers arrived to find an 18-month old male mountain lion located approximately 20 feet up a tree. Additional Fish and Game personnel were dispatched to the scene to tranquilize the cat.

Once sedated, the lion was fitted with a radio collar and ear tag, and placed in a crate with ice packs to ensure a safe and comfortable transport in the summer heat. The healthy young tom was released to a remote southeast Idaho location.