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BOISE, IDAHO. After receiving the K-12 budget from the House, the Senate was able to move quickly to address major infrastructure and tax relief and passed significant transportation funding this week. H 362 provides for a distribution of 4.5% of sales tax, up to $80 million, to establish sustainable, long-term funding through an existing authority within the transportation expansion and congestion mitigation fund (TECM). The fund will allow for nearly $1.6 billion in infrastructure improvements on the state system through bonding. It provides much-needed assistance to local governments for the maintenance of roads and bridges on the local system that connects Idaho. H 362 accomplishes all this without increasing taxes or any additional user fees.

Senate Transportation Committee Chair, Senator Lori Den Hartog, 22-Meridian, added, “H 362 represents a long-term investment in transportation infrastructure by meeting the significant needs of the state system and our local highway districts, all without raising your taxes. This legislation is how growth pays for growth.”

The bill passed the Senate with a 29-6 vote and now heads to the Governor’s desk for approval.

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