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Jamie Robinson — new sixth grade math teacher

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Jamie Robinson has been hired as a sixth grade math teacher at the Bear Lake Middle School. She says she looks forward to the coming year of sixth graders and is excited for this next year.

Jamie grew up in Ovid, the daughter of Brian and Julia Rowland. She graduated from Bear Lake High School in 1998.

After high school, Jamie went on to Ricks College where she graduated with an Associates Degree in Education in 2000. She then served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Santa Rosa California Mission.

After her mission, Jamie got married and moved all over the place, she says. They moved between southern Utah, northern Utah, Washington, and Arizona. During that time, they had five daughters: Jade (17), Kenna (14), Haylee (12), Ember (10), and Sophie (7).

Jade is on the honor role in her school and is really good at art having won awards at school for her drawings. Kenna does very well in honors classes and is on the principal’s list at school. Haylee loves orchestra and excels in academics as well. She also loves being in plays. Ember excels academically and was part of the leadership of her school last year. Sophie is excited to start a new school here in Bear Lake, and she loves gymnastics and swimming.

Jamie went on to get her Bachelor’s degree in 2016 from Western Governor’s University. She then moved to Arizona and worked for RMK Windows, a company that sells energy replacement windows. After that and having her girls and all the moving around, she came back here to Bear Lake to live closer to family.

This next year will be her first year of teaching.

Jamie says she knew there were quite a few teachers retiring from the school district here in Bear Lake, so the opportunity for new teachers was pretty good. Her mom has also taught at the middle school for over 20 years. So, following in her footsteps, Jamie wanted to come back and be a teacher in the valley. She will be teaching sixth grade math full time.

We want to congratulate Jamie, also, because she is engaged to marry Brandon Baker of Bennington in September. They will be living at Jack and Jennie Crane’s ranch that he purchased in Bennington. Brandon is the son of Martin and LaRee Baker.

Jamie says she is really excited for this next school year. She says it will be good to get to know the kids coming in from the elementary school. A lot of the teachers are new and with three out of the four core teachers being new, they will have a fun time figuring out sixth grade and the sixth grade kids.

So far, she has met with the seventh and eighth grade math department, and they have come up with a game plan as to what they are going to do. Right now she just plans on spending the rest of the summer getting ready for school to start.

Jamie says she has always wanted to be a teacher. Her mom started teaching when Jamie was in the ninth grade and she got to be a teacher’s aid back then. Her love of learning and love of children have made her always want to teach.

She says she will be a strict teacher, but she also likes to have fun. Math has always been one of her favorite subjects. She says, “I was minoring in math, so for me I would say my love of math and love of teaching are an asset. I hope the kids will be able to see that in me and that they will be able to develop their love for the same thing.

When asked what she will do if the school kids will have to be at home for any of the school year, Jamie said, “If kids are having to be at home again, I would do my best to communicate with all the parents by either phone, text message, or e-mail to make sure all the kids are reached in some way. Math isn’t something you can do alone online. I would plan on teaching through Zoom so kids could get hands-on instruction.”

“I would also reaffirm to parents that I will help their child the best I can. And if they will communicate with me, it will help both the student and them to be successful.”

She says she wants everyone to know how excited she is and how much she is looking forward to working with the students and parents. She understands this is a scary and interesting time for everyone.

She says, “By working together, we can make it a great year.”

We here at the News-Examiner are sure Jamie will made a great sixth grade teacher and wish her well in both her new endeavor and her new marriage.  

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