Jeanna Matthews

New Paris Councilwoman Jeanna Matthews and her dog Murthy

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Jeanna Matthews of Paris is a new, two-year member of the Paris City Council. When asked what prompted her to run for city council, she responded, “When you live in a small town like Paris, everyone should take their turn. There are not that many full-time residents, and the same people have been on the council forever. Everyone should have their turn.”

Jeanna also said she wanted to be on the council to make a difference in things, such as possibly updating the library that is in the city hall; maybe getting more people to use it as well.

Jeanna was born and raised in Paris, the daughter of Sharp and Jane Matthews, and the youngest of six children. She attended Emerson Elementary and graduated from Bear Lake High school in 1984.

After high school, Jeanna went on to BYU where she graduated in 1988 with a degree in Elementary Education. That was also the year BYU won the national championship, so she went to a lot of football games. She said, “That was exciting! I have enjoyed going to their sporting games. Coming from such a small place, it was interesting having people from all over. I quite enjoyed it.”

Jeanna stayed down in Utah after graduating from BYU and began working for WordPerfect. She stayed with them for several years. After that time period, she moved back to Paris and worked for a title company. One of her favorite things is reading; she loves books. She worked in the county library system off and on for 19 years, both in Montpelier and Paris. She also became a Special Aid for the school system, and that is what she is doing at this time. In fact, she has one student she has worked with since he was in first grade; he is now a freshman in high school.

When asked what she enjoys most, she said she enjoys family history and doing family history work at different temples. She also enjoys music, singing, playing the organ and the piano, and a few other things. She has a lot of family around and enjoys being with them.

Recently, she went to Alaska with some family members and really enjoyed that. She said, “ I really liked being out on the ocean. The whale watching was my favorite part.” When asked if it was cold, she said, “We went in the middle of September and there was already snow and it was pretty stormy so it was cold.”

Jeanna is also actively involved in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has held many callings, such as ward organist, primary pianist, ward chorister, stake music chairman, and family history consultant.

When asked what words she might use to describe herself, she said, “I’ve been here forever, and I’ll still be here.” She really loves her heritage, Paris, and the Bear Lake Valley.

We wish her well with her new position on the Paris City Council and all of her other endeavors.

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