7-15 Ladies Golf

From left: Connie Hymas, Suzy Sneddon, Brenda Messerly winners of “Three Blind Mice”

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Thirteen “bright-eyed” women arrived to participate in Ladies Day on Wednesday, July 15. They formed four teams and played “Three Blind Mice.” While the women “focused” on playing a regular scramble, Jennie Slivinski had the mission of being “the farmer’s wife” and “cutting-off” three holes from the day’s play.

As the teams finished they “blindly” turned in their score cards, and Jennie’s “hacked” holes (2, 6, and 8) were “chopped” from the scores. The “blindfolds” dropped as the new scores were announced. “Sighting” in on first place was the team of Brenda Messerly, Connie Hymas, and Suzi Sneddon with a score of 23. The “carving knife” missed two strokes on Polly Dahlke, Leslie Talbot, and Cindy Raymond’s score, and their 25 “ran” them into second place.

Three women proved they were not in the least bit “visually challenged”. Using mental “blinders”, they “sharp-sighted” on their shots to the green and were able to “see” those shots roll into the cup for Chip-Ins. McKenna Hyde “blind-sided” hole 4, and Suzi Sneddon didn’t even “blink” as her ball dropped in on hole 9. Polly Dahlke went “cock-eyed” crazy with chip-ins, not once but twice, on holes 7 and 9.

Did you ever see such a sight in your life, as three blind mice?

Remember the women play at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday mornings, and we invite all women golfers to come join the fun!

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