7-7 Ladies Golf

L-R: Cindy Raymond, Leslie Talbot, Ruth Nelson, (Cyndie Birch absent)

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An even number of 16 ladies was ready for a fun day of golf on July 7 and learned that the day had turned ODD quickly. The game of the day was that ODD holes only counted, thus hole 1,3,5,7,and 9. Putts were also to be kept track of. After dividing into four teams of four, they set off for their ODD adventure. Two of the teams seemed to find this ODD game extremely easy to achieve. They came in tied at a score of 18, which caused a sudden death play-off by looking at the putts. What? They both had an ODD number of 5 putts on the 5 ODD holes. Now what? They looked at the highest handicap hole, and one team had scored a four and the other team a five. Although four was even, it gave the team of Cindy Raymond, Leslie Talbot, Ruth Nelson, and Cyndie Birch the win. Second place went to Judi Naylor, Karen Poulsen, Rachel Tarbet, and Taryn Crane. ODDly the other two teams tied at the ODD number of 23. Everyone agreed that it was an oddly, satisfying day. Feel free to come join in the fun every Wednesday at 9:30.

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