Kendall Roberts Family

Kendall Roberts Family

Kendall Roberts of Liberty has been appointed to the Bear Lake County School Board where he is filling the seat that was recently vacated by Brandi Hardcastle, also of Liberty.

The school board is an elected office, and if a seat is vacated before election time, someone, like Roberts, can be temporarily appointed to that position until the next election. At that time, if the person who has been appointed wants to continue to hold the position, he/she has to run for election, which is what Roberts intends to do. Unfortunately, in his situation the time to file had passed, so his only option is to be a “write-in” on the ballot. He will also be required to have a petition signed by seven people from his district to be elected. He is hoping for a good run and to be unopposed.

Roberts says that before being interested in being on the board, he was approached by Principal Kelsey to be on a parent committee. He found that to be an interesting process. There were a lot of parents involved, both young and old, and he found that he appreciated how transparent they wanted to be with the parents. From there, he also attended a meeting where building of the new school was discussed and he was able to talk with Rich Smart, who he happens to work with, in more depth about all of these things. All of this, and being approached by several people about being on the school board, helped him to know the seat was vacated and to come to the decision to accept the appointment.

Roberts has six children, four of whom are in school now. He wants to make sure that they and all of the kids in the district have a good experience and wants to support good staff and people involved in the schools. He really appreciates what they do and feels that the school district has a good administration and teachers. He doesn’t specifically have an agenda at this point; he has a pretty clean slate and an open mind. He wants to see a good environment for the children and a favorable environment for the teachers. He says, “Teachers make a big difference and so does an administration for the teachers.” He says that as things go on, he will probably be pretty opinionated

Roberts is the son of Shane and Shauna Roberts of Liberty where he was born and raised. He went to Rick’s College (now BYU-Idaho) for a year and a half in pre-architecture and drafting, after which he transferred to Utah State because his wife, Stephanie, was about to finish school there. He would have gone into the technical program there, but the program was cancelled, so he studied computer science for a year and that program was discontinued as well. He was tired of transferring credits, so he came home to Bear Lake to figure out what to do.

His wife, Stephanie (Stringham), grew up in Garden City where she was the Valedictorian of Randolph High School. As mentioned before, they have six children: Hailey (16), Taylor (13), Cameron (10), Brigham (7), Porter (4), and Garrett (16 mos). Hailey is quite involved in high school participating in cross-country in the fall and soft ball in the spring. She is also active in show choir and school plays, which she says she would keep, if she could only keep one thing. She is really good in school and just took her ACTs for the first time. Taylor plays basketball and baseball and runs cross-country in the fall in the middle school. He is involved in student government and helps out with the light and sound crew at assemblies and productions at the school. He is also involved with the robotics club. Cameron is in elementary school and plays basketball, soccer, and football. He was just elected student body president at Paris Elementary. Last year he was in the Legos Club and will probably follow Taylor in involvement in robotics when his time comes.

Kendall and Stephanie are very involved in education and proud of their children and their accomplishments. Stephanie is involved in parent committees and has typically been a room mother for each of the teachers her children have had. She stays busy with church callings and the kids and follows them with all their activities. According to Roberts, “Stephanie is a good teacher in her own right which helps the kids a lot.” She has a bachelor of science degree in business management from Utah State as well.

When Roberts came home from school, he started working with his father-in-law building houses. He enjoyed doing that quite a bit and continued to do so for about 10 years. After a short stint for about a year where he ran a tiny business in Roy, Utah, he came back home and was approached by Mike Napp and Smart Construction regarding working for them. He did that for about six months before having a little upstart idea about building little wagons. That business is now growing. He now partially owns and operates Conestoga Wagon Company in Bloomington. He is very happy and successful with both his business and his family.

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