Lacey Pelto

Lacey Pelto and daughter, Boston

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Lacey Pelto is one of Montpelier’s finest. Married to Sheriff Rob Pelto, she has been a nurse for 10 years as of July 2020 at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and under Doctor Hansen for six and a half years at the clinic. However, recently, some of you may have seen her at your children’s schools substituting for teachers as she has decided to leave nursing and move into teaching full time.

Lacey says that when she went to nursing school it was a toss-up whether she wanted to be a nurse or a teacher. At that time, she chose to go into nursing, but later she thought, “Why not go back and be a teacher too?” So, with some encouragement from friends and family, she went back to school to be a teacher.

Lacey started back at Western Governor’s University in 2017 to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree and just recently received her teaching certificate in Interdisciplinary Teaching K-8. She also finished student teaching in the Bear Lake School District in the fall of 2020. She did what is called “long-term subbing,” and has been substituting off and on for teachers throughout the district as needed. She will again long-term sub in March for the rest of the year and will apply for the next open full-time teaching position.

Lacey was has also been able to take part in what is known as the “Grow Your Own Program.” This is a program where people who are planning on staying in the community, raising their children in the community, even retiring in the community, are helped with paying for part of their schooling as long as they agree to intern for an agreed amount of time. She said she was very willing to do this as they plan on staying in the Bear Lake Valley. She says she loves Bear Lake and wants to stay forever and retire here because of the recreational aspect, among other things. They love the snow, the kids love it here, they love the mountains, the lake is so close, and she says, “You can’t get a better geographical spot and the people are so nice. I don’t have plans of going anywhere any time soon.” So, she applied and was accepted into the program. Lacey will work for four years so the Program will help pay for her last year of school.

Lacey was born in Bountiful, Utah, to Nick and Lott Crockett. She has two sisters and three brothers. When she was about 10 years old, the family moved to a the little town of Bushnell, Nebraska, which had a population of around 100. There she graduated from Kimball High School with a graduating class of 53.

While in high school, she would travel eight miles from school to work in a little restaurant over the border into Wyoming, and there she met Rob Pelto. He was working in Pine Bluff, Wyoming, at the time.

A month after graduation, Lacey and Rob were married. The same year as graduation, her family moved to Montpelier. A year later, she and Rob were going to start a family, and Lacey couldn’t bear to be away from her mom, so she and Rob followed them to Montpelier.

Lacey and Rob have had four children: Walker, who will turn 16 this week; twin boys, Marshall and Gavin, who passed away a week after they were born and would have turned 15 this past week; and a daughter, Boston, who is 13. Walker is a sophomore at Bear Lake High School and is very involved in wrestling, and Boston is in 7th Grade at the Middle School and plays basketball. Lacey says both Walker and Boston excel academically and are great kids.

Lacey says working for Dr. Hansen was a great job and she loved it and misses it still today. She loved nursing and working for Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. But, Lacey is going to make a great teacher; it’s obvious from talking with her she loves children and loves what she has already accomplished and done at the schools. She will be just as great a teacher as she was a nurse.

Lacey is a great mom, has been a great nurse, and now she’ll be a great school teacher!

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